Opinions on Power - Vaelen af Gyllenstierna

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Question: Now that the Shadow Court is no longer active within the streets of this city. How do you see the future shift in power with in the city? What clans do you see rising to the top (proverbial) of the clan heap?

Well, with the dissolution of the Shadow Court, it definitely puts a huge hole in the balance of power in the city. Unfortunately, given the alliance between the Capadocians, the Kingdom of Heorot, and the Ferrymen, they’ll most likely sit together at the top, in my opinion.

Question: There are alot of new clans in the city. Those who are just now beginning, or recently so, who are already making rumbles within the history. Which clan, new on the scene do you think has the most potential to fill (in part) the void in which the dissolution of both CoB and SC have made?

Well, considering many of them appear to be busy quarreling amongst themselves, forming and breaking alliances every few weeks or so, I doubt any of the “lesser clans” come even close to being a viable threat to the Caps, KoH, and Ferrymen

Thank you Vaelen af Gyllenstierna for taking the time to answer these questions for the readers of the Grimoire. Judging by the answers we’ve garnered so far, it seems The Grimoire’s previous article about the balance of power is reflected quite accurately in the differing opinions of the public. It is an interesting mix to be sure. Stay tuned for the next installment.