The Crazyinblorium

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The Crazyinblorium is a plant newly emerging in strength in the City, and can generally be found under large yellow buds. It used to be part of the Archisium genetic line, but recently seems to share more in common with the BloodiusGodia.

Imported from north America in the middle age of the City, it spent many a long year blossoming in the shadows of its Archisium roots. However, it soon became a stronger plant, and forged a path away from its older gardens and made a new way in the City, pulling other plants together to form a new park of flowers.

It tends to blossom best at night, probably still adhering to its earlier behaviours, and has a strong smell that many say is like honey. The Crazyinblorium species is expanding slowly and progressively, and its new park is becoming a more prominent attraction in the City.