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Recently I have had a talk with a vampire I have come to respect more and more with each conversation we have had. Not surprisingly, we ended up reminiscing about the old times and wars we have been fortunate enough to be a part of. And through this discussion we shared a few laughs, retelling the stories of clans that lived for the sheer thrill of war, blood, or should I say the loss of it.

Many say that with time things always improve, yet in truth, the history of this city has been much more impressive and exciting than its present. The days of nightly war-parties where vampires eager for blood would gather are gone. The days when vampires would work tirelessly, researching the most efficient battle tactics and trying to implement the most cunning plans to confuse the enemy are gone. All that remains now are memories.

I miss the days when we would gather in the latest hours of dusk to surprise our enemies and catch them off-guard. I miss the bonding between the vampires that took place when we all worked hard to accomplish a task. I miss the fact that once vampires took honour in being killed by their enemies’

I may be a just a fool but unfortunately, in my eyes, this city is nowhere near where it once used to be, nor will it ever reach its old glory days. Too many of the elders have passed their prime, too many of the younger generations do not have that true evil vampire instinct, and too many of those in the middle are hindered by their leaders or are engulfed and consumed by petty bickering resembling a scene out of some human kindergarten class. Many of those who do not fit into any of these categories have lost their passion and have given up on this city, seeking shelter within their family of loved ones or in new ‘dimensions’. Without a collective effort of those vampires this city is destined for failure and destruction. Maybe the human bible does provide a good analogy in this situation. Perhaps this city must experience some sort of a ‘flood’ before it can be resurrected into what it once used to be. Ironically enough, it seems only a miracle can save us now.

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