Silent Grex4d

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It is official. There is no response from Grex4d to Rodargo’s public challenge to a duel. We here at the Grimoire are watching the events closely and as yet Grex4d is holding his silence in a ‘no comment’ sort of fashion.

We interviewed him in the city concerning this whole affair and met with the same cold silence. We wonder how long this will continue and we also wonder if he will ever speak on this subject at all. We do know that there might, yet again, not be a duel.

It seems that evilive_inc and Lucius reign supreme as successful duelers of this city. We put this question to you our readers do you even care if Rodargo and Grex4d duel? As it seems too many duels these days in abject dissappointment it seems this city might well be over the fact that so many try, but so few actually do.



I think duels are pretty useless for me anyway… If I’m going to kill, I’m going to use every resource available to me. And if I die knowing that I’ve done every possible thing I can to zero the vamp and still die then I will hold my head up high and start draining some humans, lol. In this particular case though, seems to have alot of people that would normally be close at odds with one another so yeah a duel would be a nice thing. One question though.. why does it always have to be limited to a boxing ring environment? 3x3 squares or some crap? Seems to me a battle to the death on a city wide basis would far more entertaining, and more testing of true skill… SoD, Teles, bring everything at their disposal into the mix. I recall a little vamp named Spinner I was trying to kill, playing a game of ping pong with me in the city not long ago. That one had me scratching my head. And then when I figured out what was really going on, I was laughing my ass off. She made it to her necro. She did really excellent with it and hats off to her. If you wanna duel, I say every block except the graveyard AND potion shops(lol) should be open and every single thing you have in your arsenal. Thanks for the great articles at the Grimoire, btw, if I have not said so lately.

Aries Keeper of the The Gates


I am honoured by your appreciation.

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