Obsidian Returns

2 minute read

Obsidian, Former Chancellor of The Shadow Court mysteriously disappeared from public a while back and left many not in her inner circle wondering just where this social blood pretzel eating vampire had gone. After purchasing large amounts of real estate in this city then disappearing many were left confused as to her sudden departure. But word is she’s back. We were able to catch this elusive angel by mere freakish coincidence and took advantage of this moment by asking her a few quick questions. Much like the Paparazzi we had to take advantage of a chance when it happens. And here, is our short but certainly interesting interview with obsidian de Beaumont, Lady of Warwick and Angel.

Where have you been?

shifts in chair I had a friend in another Realm that wanted my help…

Coffee or Tea?

smiles Coffee please…

What were you doing while you were there?

Hmmm.. well .. my friend Kellok, always seems to find himself in trouble..sighs dramatically I had to go bail him out.. not that he would admit it .. mind you..

sips coffee

All in all… I’m just surprised I made it back… took me almost two months time .. although it seemed I was only there for minutes…

thinks for a moment and smiles softly

It was an adventure though… I must say..

Chocolate or Vanilla?


What is next on the horizon for the Former Chancellor of The Shadow Court?

Well, I am still working on acquiring property and businesses within the City.

There is also the subject of a certain slave who needs to work off his servitude…smiles softly before she takes a small sip of coffee

Eh… Maybe some random maiming and killing.. we’ll see.. I’ve not got a set agenda actually…. I’m planning on enjoying my unlife more… with more relaxation and less stress.

Winter or Summer?

Winter…. Nothing better than be wrapped up with the one you love in front of a fire… especially if its your neighbors home.. ;)

We’d like to extend our judicious thanks to obsidian for allowing us to stalk her residence and graciously allowing us to accost her on the street for this passing interview. Which translated into this poor author having to run to keep up with the female and throw questions at her as she walked down the street. As you can see, we are prepared to go above and beyond the call of duty to bring you, our dedicated readers the news. We here at The Grimoire look forward to hearing more from this exciting female.


Matt Black

Rumour has it she has started the city’s first nudist pub, on the outskirts somewhere