Seraphim, Caps, Ygg, Heorotians Oh My

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They’re at it again. In what looks to be another outbreak of war it seems that The Seraphim finally got off their duffs and attacked Clan Capadocious. Already Capadocious has fallen in the war, rumours being that they killed him in his sleep.

The Heorotians joined the Caps, The Ygg’s joined the Seraphim and it’s rumoured that The Ferrymen so soon off their jaunt in killing Grex4d has also taken up weapons against The Seraphim.

It’s not unusual, this little power play. It was just a matter of time before The Ygg’s joined in the fray and it is in no way a surprise that their first foray would be against the new triumvirate of Capadocious, Heorot and Ferrymen. In fact, it was, dare we say, predictable that they would.

So the Seraphim are dying, the Capadocians are taking hits, the Yggs are in with a grin and the Heorotians and Ferry are having fun tossing holy water at any and all that they can from the other side.

The interest is not so much that these parties are fighting. It seems to be the rule as opposed to the exception. What is interesting and it’s what this newspaper has been heading towards in the articles labeled ‘Opinion On Power’ all along. What we are now watching is the balance that was going to be made after the deaths of The Shadow Court and Church of Blood.

Yggdrasil, even with adamant protests from within to the contrary, really do seem like they want to take the place of that power and this joining being the first step in that direction. We are curious though, does that mean The Seraphim will now take up an arm of the Dark Alliance that faded? It will be interesting to see how this develops.

We are watching this war. Not as most in the city are, watching as each new casualty to war falls. But more importantly, we will be watching the maneuvers of the ‘alliances’ and what power bases are created with each of these shows of power.

It is very telling. Very Telling Indeed.



NurseVampire has taken assessment of the whole situation and has compe to the conclusion that is take an excellent Clan indeed to attack a Leader of a Great House that is in torpor to make attacks upon him. Cowards….they can’t attack a fully fledged warrior. so they have to pick on that is in Torpor. God Bless their little cowardly heart.

NurseVampire Lady of The Dojo Psychotic Torture High Priesstess Coffee Whore Capadocian To The Death & Then Beyond…not a prob Go Blue!!!!! BEAT OSU


Bias much?

Rose Bliven

As usual, a Cap is running their mouth instead of, oh I don’t know, shutting up and actually FIGHTING? Put you money where you mouth is.

Cowards? Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black?


laughs at the blind faith of others too pigheaded and ignorant for their own good


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Ladies, may I suggest you take your differences somewhere of a more private nature.

Let us refrain from name calling and attempt to keep discussions constructive to the topic at hand.


Though I have chosen to not make the Grim a part of my daily reading for reasons that will remain undisclosed, this particular article was brought to my attention, and I feel that it is important for me to address it.

Subjective as the Editor may wish it to be, I will respectfully ask that you retract a statement held within said article that is a blatant lie, and inflammatory as well.

~snip~ Yggdrasil, even with adamant protests from within to the contrary, really do seem like they want to take the place of that power and this joining being the first step in that direction. ~end snip~

Vaelen af Gyllenstierna was interviewed. He gave his opinion, he is not in Yggdrasil.

Jauk Lokason was interviewed. She gave her opinion on power. No where was there a statement made such as that either confirming or denying such a statement.

Arsanga of Seraphim was interviewed. She gave her opinion. She is not in Yggdrasil.

Again, I am going to request a retraction of said comment. If the Editor wishes to form an opinion on the internal workings, thoughts and machinations within Yggdrasil, so be it. But it should be an opinion and not stated as fact.


Thank you

        ophelia Lokason
       Af Gyllenstierna
      ~NiF's Eternally~


We are honoured by your comments revered ophelia and have duly noted your concerns in relation to the above article.

I will concede to your request and remove this article from ‘news’ and correctly place it within the ‘Editorial’ portion of this publication.

In no way was either Jauk, Arsanga or Vaelen quoted in this article and we have strictly adhered to their request that their words not be changed in any manner.

Please feel free to contact the writer

Lord BubbleKnight

..the Empty Spyral here. Oh, wait… if they are actually nothing, just a wannabe group that appears wherever they can mess with Capadocious Clan because they really hated when they couldn’t take the power there. Right, how dumb I was…

Anyway, as for Yddgrasil… with the last attacks on Grex and their ex-affiliation with SC, they were naturals at jumping into the fray. Actually, I sort of liked them coming… it’s always good to see good friends (no matter they are opponents) in the battlefield.

As they say… friendship is nice… but business is business

Lord BubbleKnight Lord of the Orbenoir Dynasty Lovin’ companion to miss morganna :) Ghost



Of course they would attack Capadocious for they new he will be out of town for a bit. They dare not attack him if he were ‘awake’.


Yggdrasil is not the af Gyllenstierna family and visa versa. It was the af Gyll family and friends who came out to support Grex, not Yggdrasil as a clan. I really wish everyone would stop confusing Yggdrasil for the af Gyllenstierna family. If this were true…then half of SIE and members from many other clans in the city all over are all spies for Yggdrasil right? I don’t think so…

Jauk Juggernaut Ladywulfe’s Blood Sister Priestess of Lies and Prodigal Folly —> Yggdrasil <—


Is a bitch aint it Jauk?

Sure wish people didn’t do that, don’t you?

 Damari   ~The Ferrymen~ Épouse de Lucius


is attacking, or attempting to prevent an attack (including both leaders of said clan) it is to be assumed the clan is involved, whether they admit it or not. Family name has nothing to do with it.

~Oracle~ The Ferrymen


Oh, please. The Spiral did not assist in this most recent skirmish to “mess with Capadocians”. We assisted because we were asked to by those we consider friends and allies. Perhaps the reason our clan was not mentioned by name is because only a small group of us took part in the battles. Either way, it is no matter to us, we do not exist solely to grasp for any public recognition available to us, like a certain Clan leader I can think of…coughcapcough Oh, excuse me.

And to even believe for a second that one small house thought it could take control of an entire clan is beyond ridiculous. The Spiral parted ways because it’s members no longer agreed with the way things were done in the Capadocious Clan. If you would please refer to the archived agreements, which, I am sure, are still housed somewhere in your Clan’s castle, your faulty memories will perhaps be refreshed. Control of the Spiral was handed over to Gruvi by Capadocious himself. Despite the fact that we have received several pleas to return since our departure, it was not in the interests of any of us to do so.

Perhaps these rather misguided and petty insults you hurl at us come from your own feelings of inadequacy, since we took part in sending you into torpor (easily, by the way) and all. ;) And here I thought torpor was wholeheartedly looked forward to in the Cap clan…

My mistake. No hard feelings. As you said - business is business.


Jada Empty Spiral Forever Marco’s