As the holy water flies, 2nd report

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Night two of the battle between the League of Shadow Demons and obsidian’s crew has wrapped itself up.

A few more faces have shown up for either side with the most notable being CHASS, past Chancellor of the former Shadow Court, coming out of a self-imposed torpor and entering the fray.

A member from the LoSD side has already needed to visit the necromancer. At this rate, the limited resources of the clan will be dried up within a few days, unless a hidden benefactor exists. In this situation, the benefactor should be expected, but who will it be?

Watching from the sidelines, it is interesting to see the showings of support from both ends. On one side, you have a vampiress taking the first opportunity she could to get another back for threats made against her person. On the other, you have a Queen rallying her court on the basis of being the innocent party and convincing her crew that they are standing up for what is true and just.

But is it really? Is this retaliation the act of a group standing up for their innocent leader, or is this all the result of manipulation not by the Queen of the Demons, but by the Queen of the Rubber Mask? Deep underneath the propoganda, the truth exists. How many lemmings will need to fall into the water before it is unearthed?



as a clan are we supposed to let obsidian attack our Queen because of words that were shared years ago?

as we supposed to be sitting ducks while a hoarde of vampires attack our Queen? I don’t think so.

whether or not we are experienced in combat, we will stand up for our Queen, mentor and friend and we will not bow down to any one.

~ matej LoSD


I have been following this thread with great interest, if for no other reason than to find out what information is being shared, and what incomplete perceptions may exist. I realize that you are dependant on shared information so that is not a criticism, but an observation. I must complement you on your writing skills and ability to weave an insult into an editorial in such as way that one must read between the lines to discern that one is being insulted. My only question would be, that as a clan leader, do you not demand loyalty of your members? Perhaps those supporting DarkestDesire are not doing so blindly but are doing so knowing the risks, but also knowing what she has done for the clan in the past and present.


Well, nitenurse, believe it or not, I have more information than you are aware. As far as your assumption that I’m weaving in insults, I stand by every word that I have stated. If you are insulted by my words, so be it. I have never been known to bite my tongue in the past, and I most certainly won’t begin now.

To answer your question, yes, I demand loyalty out of my members. However, my people are given every piece of information available about a situation and are given the opportunity to weigh in before. Besides, I wouldn’t pop off at the mouth foolishly, either.

As far as supporting someone that has done SO much. Heh. Your funeral, I suppose. :)


Then I suppose I should go get my lawn chair and watch this one play out, hmm?