So maybe EvilBill…

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…just isn’t so evil after all? It’s been reported that as he was winning an award at the Ravenblack Awards Show for being the Biggest BadAss, he was doing a whole lot of nothing else out in the city where a dispute between he and his ex-wife, ophelia has been taking place for several days.

According to sources, he DID go visit the necromancer though, before returning to his original position in the city without making any sort of retaliatory move at all against the opposite side.

When asked for a comment on the situation, ophelia simply said, “He needs to move.”

So please will someone move so that it’s worth the effort to go get the lawnchair? Please?



NEWS FLASH: Word on the street is… Hesu has been seen at the lawn chair shop having her lawnchairs and loungers restrung while manically waving her arms about yelling “Hurry hurry this isnt gonna last for long!!! I need my chairs dammit”