As the holy water flies, 3rd report

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Night three…over. What do you do when you have a clan that has almost zero resources and have already had to necro? Well, apparently you call in allies that share your philosophy. The Kindred, led by GYPSY and tortured, donned the masks and entered the fray, hitting obsidian on behalf of Desire and the LoSD. It remains to be seen whether or not obsidian will call in a few favors around the city…especially considering that the wearing of several masks seems to be viewed as acceptable by her opponents.

In a small piece of interesting news, I was setting up the labels for our newest subscribers (yes, the Assistant Editor gets stuck with the bitch work) and noticed a subscription for one Niteryder. For those of you in the dark, this former companion of obsidian helped drive the wedge between her and her arch nemesis, durcilla. With obsidian in the heat of battle, his timely arrival is a fairly interesting fact to note. So, Ryder, I’d like to give you a nice hearty Grimoire welcome.

Over the last few days, I’ve been approached by several vampires asking about my involvement in this situation. In the interest of fair reporting, I feel it necessary to provide full disclosure to the public. Yes, obsidian is my former companion. Yes, the League of Shadow Demons was my first clan. Yes, DarkestDesire was my personal mentor. Yes, I’ve seen the masks that I continuously refer to. Yes, I’ve had my own. Yes, I’ve rejected this philosophy in its entirety. That explains why all of my reporting has been done strictly under the editorial tag, because it is more than clear that it would be an extreme conflict of interest to report it as News, although in reality, it is.

As far as whether or not I will be getting involved physically in this conflict, my answer is this…If I do, they’ll know it. In the meantime, I’ll continue to report as I receive information just like always.