Velvet Kiss interviews Kaio D’dary

4 minute read

Velvet: Full name?

Kaio: Kaio999 of the house of D’dary

Velvet: Age?

Kaio: 509

Velvet: How long have you been in the city?

Kaio: 3 years but only actually involved for a year

Velvet: Do you have a job in the city and if so what?

Kaio: I am in relations at SIE and am also a warrior with SIE and EoE.

Velvet: What’s your favourite zodiac sign?

Kaio: Scorpio wild and aggressive, manipulative, power hungry and extremely passionate. Knows how to handle himself in any situation. he gives her a wink we are a great sign

Velvet: coughs and raises an eyebrow

Velvet: If you could be a plant, what would you be?

Kaio: Hmmm I would have to go with a black rose, beautiful, seductive, obviously arrogant and evil. Seems so delicate, yet when you touch it you get pricked and only a few select people can work past the thorns to find out what’s underneath

Velvet: What’s the worst chat up line that’s ever been used on you?

Kaio: Is that a mini nuke in your pocket or you just happy to see me

Velvet: What’s the worst chat up line you’ve used on a Piress?

Kaio: Did that sweater come with those lumps or you just workin’ it

Kaio: Actually that’s a lie I don’t use pickup lines. Buts that the worst I could think of

Velvet: smirks

Velvet: Do you sleep in a coffin or a real bed?

Kaio: Real bed, four poster elegance is what I do and coffins are so cliché, however there was this one girl who… never mind yeah don’t do coffins

Velvet: Favourite place to pick up humans?

Kaio: Japan they were focused and very few feared death, oh also I drank during Woodstock, that was a weird gig. I drank from a few and I watched my hand move for an hour

Now for something naughty’.

Velvet: Necks, wrists or thighs for drinking?

Kaio: On a woman it is above her breasts, if its slaves wrists, if its a male looking for a fight neck

Velvet: Do you prefer being on top or bottom or something sideways?

Kaio: Depends on the mood love

Velvet: ok laughs, blushing

Velvet: Every done it on a waterbed?

Kaio: Yep twice

Velvet: Did you ever have sex education at school?

Kaio: laughs you should no first hand love he gives her a smile what do you think

Velvet: Flushes and looks innocent

Velvet: Favourite position?

Kaio: The Sammukha.

Velvet: Ahhh a good choice, for the readers that are unsure of what that position is. Google it

And the down right weird’

Velvet: Have you ever had a hallucination and if so, of what?

Kaio: Yes I once had a hallucination that ladypeacek was coming after me, because I made her a great, great grandmother in less than 30 seconds, it was all rather amusing. Cause before it she was the “baby” of the family random diabolical laughter than shifty eyes

Velvet: Mode of transport… Car, cycle, clown bike, or horseback?

Kaio: Car, I have a large collection all depends on my mood I even have a limo and a vampiric driver

Velvet: Has anyone ever suggested you might be slightly in need of therapy?

Kaio: No one that I remember but I most likely do need it

Velvet: hands you her card call me to arrange a session. Of therapy of course

Kaio: Thanks looks at it and places it in his pocket yeah right, there ya go, that’s the worst pickup line I have heard.

Velvet: falls about laughing

Velvet: Most coins you’ve ever lifted from 1 theft?

Kaio: I took a lot from Shaar in this recent war I cant remember how much but it was necro cash and it was over 5k, I am not much of a thief

Velvet: Do you prefer full moonlight or dark nights?

Kaio: Moonlight, far more romantic

Velvet: What’s your favourite accent?

Kaio: Italian

Velvet: Favourite method of offing humans?

Kaio: I loved doing it in the middle of making love to them, their senses were on edge, utter bliss filled me and death just drove you wild, the experience is crazy. I was addicted for a while

Velvet: Vamps you most like hanging out with?

Kaio: Mina, ladypeacek, You, Rev Awk, Sartori, Hesu, Sangfroid, Tif, Claire’ The list is endless

Velvet: Can you say ‘she sells seashells down by the seashore 5 times fast?

Kaio: No

Velvet: Anything you’d like to add?

Kaio: Only that I am now off to kill and for you to have a goodnight my lady he takes her hand, placing a soft kiss upon it before disappearing into the night

Velvet: Night Kaio, thanks for your time

Well I didn’t get my boob signed this time, but it was still a successful interview.

Have a good week Pires and Piresses