The Republic Grows

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In a sudden and surprise turn of events, DarkestDesire, most recently in the news for her skirmish and eventual zeroing by obsidian and gang, left the halls of League of Shadow Demons aka LoSD, giving the keys over to TGCsmith.

TGCsmith, was herself in the news not so long ago for losing the keys to this very clan via hostile takeover by her ex companion. That takeover went SO well, PTBarnum, TGCsmiths ex, was in-turn booted and just about everyone involved in the mess found their confused shiny, white, vampiric tushies on the street and DarkestDesire back in full control.

Having now actually gained full control of LoSD, TGCsmith has in turn handed a set of keys to Seyda, the notorious Consul of the Republic of Ravenblack aka RoR and passionate warrior of Enforcers of Enlightenment aka EoE, who has subsequently planted her RoR flag on the LoSD grounds, claiming it hers.

Seyda has made huge strides in the past year and her successes at this point are impossible to go unnoticed. Running RoR, assisting with EoE and being a major part in managing her huge family line as well as the Unholy Alliance has set her apart from the rest that run around claiming greatness but never actually do anything. Her actions speak volumes and yes, as the editor I am biased, since she is my grand childer as well as a dear friend. But biased or not, the truth presents itself and I can only be proud as the facts stand alone.

What does this move mean to RoR? To LoSD? To the Unholy Alliance? One can only guess. But to the city, it appears now that RoR has doubled in size and power in a literal instant and we wish the best to Seyda, TGCsmith and all of the members involved.



you know i would love to wish everyone good luck with this new takeover of LoSD…but they will need more than luck.

I hope that Seyda knows that a lot of LoSD members that remained after the DD attacks are PACIFISTS and do not like to fight. have fun.

oh yeah .. and do not expect all of them to stay - after all the crap that went down a few months back … vampires dont have short memories my dear.

~ matej WoE and proud loving his Velvet Kiss


And whats wrong with pacifists? Beyond it being difficult to say 5 times fast.

– Hesu Sanctuary of Immortal Enlightenment Enforcers of Enlightenment Training Ground Institute Childer of Roadie Grimoire Editor shadowsshades Yeah Lucius is my big bro..what about it?


i have nothing against pacifists unless of course they hide in the corner instead of standing up for something/someone in some way. But that is nether here nor there are this point in time.

My point was, that Seyda will have a lot of “Fun” with her new “Toy” esp if i have my way.

~ matej WoE and Proud Vk’s lover



Get over yourself. Your words reek. What is sad, is that there are several current members of LoSD who have stated that they miss you and wish you well. It’s a shame that you do not wish them the same.

Referring to LoSD as a “toy” does nothing but continue the perception that the clan is nothing more than a piece of property and whoever holds the keys wins the game of keep away.

Well, newsflash for you and to everyone else who decided that keys = leadership. There are REAL vampires behind those walls and they deserve a chance at success just like everyone else.

So, matej, if it will boost your miniscule ego to attempt to rip down the remaining members of LoSD because they didn’t feel like dying for your mouth, go for it. The members there are NOT as stupid as you think they are.


Sad sad small little man that you are matej; Perhaps you should spend more time focusing on your current clan and improving your disposition as well as furthering your education in the city, and less time droning on about a clan that you left and waving your ‘I’m Seyda’s Number One Fan’ flag about.

ophelia Lokason


“It’s a shame that you do not wish them the same.”

funny - i do remember doing that when i left. and i do say that now. not that it is actaully any of your business really.

“There are REAL vampires behind those walls and they deserve a chance at success just like everyone else.”

well dah, i know the frst part … a chance at success….RoR wasn’t enough huh? you want more of a ‘name’ for yourself .. shouldn’t be hard for someone like to you achieve that.

“So, matej, if it will boost your miniscule ego to attempt to rip down the remaining members of LoSD because they didn’t feel like dying for your mouth, go for it. The members there are NOT as stupid as you think they are.”

im not ripping down the members of LoSD. I am meerly offering something better than You and it has NOTHING to do with their actions regarding my “mouth” (seems i am one of the few who has the balls to say what i want and deal with the bull that you fling at me). I didn’t say they were stupid at all.

stop putting words in my mouth Seyda, it’s not a smart thing to do.

Say what you like, will, feel you need to. What i have said, i have said, and i will do what i feel i need to and when i need to do it.

~ matej


I wish Seyda and crew all the luck in the world with LoSD. Even though it was demanded that I leave the halls by the now former “advisor” who was brought in to get rid of people who might question the almighty reign of the now defunct queen, I never lost my affection for the people within (with the exception of those thrown in to try to completely destroy LoSD who could not accept the fact people have opinions, questions and get tired of blindly following with no reason given as to why it is necessary to do so.) I also never lost my belief of the foundation on which the clan was built. I believe the clan has continued to stand because of those very important aspects and that those who remain choose to rebuild with the heart and soul that IS the LoSD. Matej - for one who so vehemently insisted that people stay off the boards and NOT post outside the clan - you sure don’t walk the walk. To you I invite once again to STFU - you are not in the clan and your threats to your former students to move with you or go with another clan show your pettiness and inability to accept the fact you could not and still cannot compete with people who have class and the ability to wrap your own words around your neck. In a nut-shell Matej - choke on it. Thank you, Tiara former long-time LoSD main house member former head instructor of TS - LoSD (never was HoE, never said I was either - another lie by the “advisor”)


hands you a pillow

Here. Please hold this in order to cover up that boner that pops up every time you notice I’ve said something in the city.