Top Ten Reason Why Dogs Pee

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10)They can 9) They have to 8) All other dogs pee 7) Dogs have been peeing for ages 6) My pee is better than your pee 5) I never knew someone could be jealous of pee 4) Pee is unoriginal 3) Pee is pee get over it 2) you seen one pee you seen them all

and the final reason why dogs pee

just like magazines do the top ten…

1) Its expected cause it has been done by all dogs and is always done by all dogs



I always wondered why… this is an amazing break through! Nice Top Ten snickers

Jauk Tel’duin Kreacher’s Snoochie Coo Yggdrasil


Your number 8 looks funny. -Moirai


8) 8) 8) it wont allow me to make an 8 with the ) Unless I make 3 and ones in the middle ha ha ha


Try putting a space between the ) and the 8 :p -Moirai


So… this is the quality of editorial the Grim is now known for?

~Carpathia ~Valens Enchantress ~Yggdrasil