Trials and Tribulations of a Capadocian

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Interesting News Break: Demonic Diati left The Capadocious Clan. Three days ago Demonic Diati left the Capadocian Dynasty in order to become Second in Command of the Mafia. Word has it that Angeliz followed close behind, leaving much consternation of the future in the Capadocian Clan and a great deal of unrest. “Rumours are running rampant and members are questioning the leadership”, said a source not wishing to be disclosed. Another anonymous vampire stated, “I think someone better go speak with Wilhelm, before the top blows off of this thing.”

Word also on the street is that the clan is crumbling from within, but in speaking with Capadocious, in a personal conversation, I did not find him to be that ill at ease and he claimed he was in a word, cleaning up a small mess, but there was no explosions.

Is this the end of the great Capadocian clan? It is hardly likely. With the powerful House of Heorot loyally at his side, Capadocious and his clan have a huge amount of support and in the end the clan is quite active. After making it all of these years, through good and bad times as well as Capadocious’ multiple and dramatic egresses from the city, it seems this is hardly traumatic, but then again, time will only tell.

This Editor will seek out Capadocious for an official statement, yet since he is one known to downplay things, this Editor will further investigate and report back with any further findings

This paper would like to wish Demonic Diati and Angeliz the best of luck and would be happy to take a statement from any of the parties involved.


Lord BubbleKnight

It should say actually “just a bunch of members are questioning the leadership” because, as long as I know, not general questioning is taking place. Just because Lord Capadocious is setting some things back as they used to be, things that had changed during his absence, or making some adjustments, in the clan structure, I don’t think it’s material to say “traumatic changes”.

We have undergone through really traumatic changes and have survived and become stronger; if there are some members who don’t like the structure changes, they are free to say so or leave, no matter they will be missed. But we all come, we all go, we cannot pretend to steal the essence of the clan, which remains in the spirit of my Lord.

As much as I’m going to miss Angeliz, and as much as I liked DD, I have seen many others leaving before they even came to the clan, in my early days in this City, and the clan still remains. I’ve seen the clan change, evolve, rebuild itself from within in times of great turnoil, swap its internal structure many times.

We are still here. And there’s Capadocious Clan for long.

Lord BubbleKnight Lord of the Orbenoir Dynasty Advisor to Lord Capadocious Death Dealer of the Capadocious Clan

Demonic Diati

There is one fact in error in this fine report. As it seems not to be public knowledge and since the spinning of information started immediatly. I DD did not start the exodus from the Capadocian clan in fact I was second to leave in lew of Angeliz’s Departure. So this pire would ask that you speak with Lady Angeliz to get the true orgin of the issues that tipped the lead domino.

Demonic_Diati DOA High Counsel Member Leader of Demonics Onyx Assassins Son to Lord Capadocious Father to Many Brother to endless count