War from the Lawn Chair: Day One

5 minute read

Well, we’re a day into this battle between old enemies, and other than the fact that I bought a brand new cushioned lawn chair for the occassion (expensed to the Grimoire, of course), there isn’t too terribly much else to report on directly, but of course, indirectly, the city is hopping.

For those of you who have missed the previous reports, combined forces from the House of Heorot, Capadocious Clan, and the Church of Blood declared war on the Inner Circle less than 24 hours ago. Hesu and I have vowed to plant our asses square in our lawn chairs to give the citizens of this city the news.

Soon after the attacks on Lady What The and the Inner Circle, retaliation began as the members of Yggdrasil and the Empty Spiral came to the aid of their allies. So, as they say in the South, we’re gonna have ourselves a good ole fashioned hodown!

Now, considering that noone has died and we’re only a day in, there really isn’t much else to report, but since this is an editorial, I get to slap my opinion all over it.

Firstly, the funnies from the lawn chair. During the wave of attacks, EvilBill challenged What The to a live fight. The response? “No.” So, this could mean one of two things. The first is that What The is intimidated of EvilBill’s live fighting prowess. The second is that What The doesn’t think that the Reverend would live long enough to make it through a live fight. It will be interesting to see if popular opinion falls on one of those sides, or if it will just draw a collective yawn across the masses.

The next funny thing to note is that prior to the beginning of this battle, Sartori sired the Reverend in a private ceremony that included, well…not very many. In fact, rumor has it that some pretty key family members were left completely out of the loop with this decision, and anyone with a brain should know that communication is pretty key…especially if you don’t like sleeping on the couch. Considering that this means that the Reverend is now a member of the Capadocian brood, am I the only one hearing the words “sell out” blowing through the wind?

Moving on, with my superior vantage point from my lawn chair, it can be noted that the new Daddy himself was running around after the initial attacks showing everyone just how much damage his side caused in their sweep. Well, congratulations. Now take you and your 27 fellow vampires and go do more. Such a display of card showing is rather interesting. If one is that low on warriors, why point attention to said fact? Something tells me that AQelDroma, Queen of Heorot, could be using the overly arrogant and impossible to quiet D’dary to lull the enemy into either a state of false security, or into a comatose state. If it worked, both would probably be equally effective.

With that said, seeing how there are already six clans involved in this battle, I would be remiss if I didn’t spend at least a little time thinking about who else would be coming to the dance. As of now, all the parties that you would assume automatic involvement are in. The gloves are off and it’s time to see who the better warriors are, right? Well, not exactly. In a battle like this, it always seems to be the wild cards that skew the result. Who will end up donning the holy water and fighting with friends, and who will end up sitting in a non-sanctioned lawn chair line?

Sartori D’dary himself has several ties throughout the city. Will he push his blood sister Arsanga into getting her husband to bring his group into the frey? After getting a mudhole stomped in their asses by the HoH and the Cap Clan just a few months back, would they say no if pressured to join? The Scions would be the perfect addition to the group. Perfect cannon fodder for AQelDroma while the Scions feel like they’re making a name for themselves. And what about his daughter, ladypeacek? An active member of the Ferrymen, it would be interesting to see if he would lean on familial ties to bring forth his former clan. It was stated when the Ferrymen broke off from HoH and Cap that it was a friendly departure. How friendly? Add to that that ladyp’s son, Kaio, is a full fledged member of the Sanctuary of Immortal Enlightenment, and you throw another wrench into the frey.

There is quite a history involved when discussing the potential involvement of SIE. After publically ending their alliance and tossing Hesu’s name to the wolves, the Inner Circle did nothing to try and keep raging emotions low. On the other hand, the Church of Blood was completely obliterated by the Sanctuary when the Church took an errant turn on the Wheel of Freaks.

So, what if the Ferrymen and SIE came to play? Where does that leave the other members of the Unholy Alliance, the Hall of Rogues and the Republic of Ravenblack? The sheer size of the Unholy Alliance is mind boggling. If one of those two sides could convince the Alliance to step into the war, it’s as good as over. Fire up the fat lady.

Moving along, the Capadocians haven’t really been very effective in keeping their own drama quelled either. As two “spin off” clans, DoA and Ellende, sit in the city extremely new, eager, and in desperate need to make a name for themselves, will THEY enter the fray to put some finishing touches on their former clan?

If the Capadocians and their bloodline run clans join the battle, what about the other family run clans on the other side. Take the fairly quiet and mysterious Lokason rich Devil’s Rejects for example. What exactly ARE they packing and WILL they bring it to the table on behalf of their Yggdrasil based relatives? If they did, then what will that implicate considering the overly obvious sibling-like tie between obsidian and her ex-partner, Seyda.

As you can see, there are SO many factors out there right now regarding this war that could skew it in any direction. I’d venture a guess that this won’t be an “if” type of scenario, but a “who” and “when.” Exactly WHO will be putting on their fighting gear, WHAT side will they be joining, and WHEN will it happen. Right now, noone knows, but as we here at the Grimoire find out, you will all know.