Love Affair?

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Word on the street is that jerseydevil and Lesion have something going. wink wink

No one can confirm this rumour at this time, being that those from the Empty Spiral are probably a bit busy.

Anyone wishing to comment on this little tidbit should feel free.



While I absolutely hate to even gratify this so-called “tidbit” with a response, I feel I must say something.

Don’t you have anything better to write about? There is a war going on…scamper off and find a real story to report. Your “rag” tactics are disgusting and you’ve now become the “Enquirer” of the City. Nice job. I’m no longer going to read this “critically acclaimed” bit of nastiness - Vi can take my subscription and use it for the housebreaking of her new pet. That’s all it’s good for. wink wink

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