War Through Anothers Eyes

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History comes back around in cycles: much like an Empty Spiral, the events of the past come around again and again, demonstrating whether one has learned or regressed based on how one copes with the reoccurrence. The war waged by the Heorotian alliance–consisting of the House of Heorot; Clan Capadocious; the Church of Blood; and Demons, Outlaws, and Angels–against the Alliance of Fire–which includes The Inner Circle, Yggdrasil, the Empty Spiral, Virtus Sodalitus, and The Empire–a month ago proves that Yggdrasil and the Empty Spiral, clans comprising some of the city’s most seasoned warriors, have erred once again, while the House of Heorot and its allies have in fact achieved what they set out to accomplish, portraying What The–a leader I among many considered in very high esteem–as a mistress manipulator steeped in cowardice.

Eight months ago, Clan Seraphim was indicted by the city-at-large for introducing Yggdrasil and the Empty Spiral to its war against the then-alliance of Clan Capadocious, the House of Heorot, and The Ferrymen. While the Seraphim had their reasons for lashing out against the Capadocians, and had tried to contain the fight to a one-on-one setting, Clan Capadocious brought in its aforementioned allies, and tempted yet other non-allied clans to take down the vastly outnumbered Seraphim. Through the efforts of its public relations department, Clan Seraphim was soon joined by Yggdrasil and the Empty Spiral, albeit the partnership was short-lived due to disorganization and infighting within the walls of Seraphim Castle. Realizing their mistake, Yggdrasil co-leader ophelia and then-Empty Spiral leader jerseydevil withdrew their forces and left the Seraphim to their own devices, and they succumbed to their ill-advised plight.

Many condemned then-Clan Seraphim leader Avigon for hiding in shadows as her clan’s warriors and non-warriors devoted their unlives to the fight. Of the Seraphim, all but five were sent to torpor, including most of the heads of the clan’s various ministries and the vampiress who was, arguably, the clan’s most recognizable and uniting figure, second-in-command Arsanga. The Seraphim’s morale declined, and the survivors offered to continue the carnage, but the majority ruled that, given the circumstances, their surrender was a more prudent action. Clan Seraphim’s Minister of Defense Murrz Ramirez was the only Seraphim representative in the negotiation conference, and was vastly overruled by the leaders of Clan Capadocious, the House of Heorot, and The Ferrymen. The result was a disgraceful apology issued by intelligence ministry member Sinthetik, who has since left the city, and overcompensating reparations.

The conflicts are similar save for one unique aspect: What The, unlike Avigon, has been zeroed. However, What The’s death was preempted by the Unholy Alliance–composed of the Sanctuary of Immortal Enlightenment, the Hall of Rogues, the Republic of RavenBlack, The Ferrymen, and the Enforcers of Enlightenment–who have, thus far, stayed out of the battle. Clans within the Unholy Alliance have links to and vendettas against both sides of the current conflict. For instance, Hesu of the Sanctuary of Immortal Enlightenment was discarded by What The a year ago under false pretenses, and although she no longer begrudges the leader of The Inner Circle, it certainly doesn’t behoove her to step in on its behalf. Similarly, a spy within the walls of the Republic of RavenBlack found weeks ago to be employed by CBK of the House of Heorot doesn’t endear AQelDroma or any of the Heorotians with which Seyda thought she had an open, honest relationship to the Republic of RavenBlack leader.

And through all this, the ranks of Yggdrasil and the Empty Spiral continue to be depleted as the Heorotian alliance settles the score. The Alliance of Fire, the early favorite, held a 20-8 advantage by the time AQelDroma fell, though one of the House of Heorot’s casualties was Unholy Alliance target CBK. Since, the Heorotian alliance has combined for more than three times that amount, bringing their total kills to 36, as opposed to 22–including epona twice–by the Alliance of Fire. Of the Heorotian alliance’s kills, [however many] are from Yggdrasil and [however many] are from the Empty Spiral, including the leaders of both clans, which is quite telling. Clearly, Yggdrasil and the Empty Spiral have been used, and should pull out without guilt, as should lesser known contributors, Virtus Sodalitus and The Empire. Perhaps The Inner Circle was once a proud warring clan, but What The has used her eloquence to charm her own members and those of Yggdrasil and the Empty Spiral and their other allied clans to serve her will blindly when she does not exert herself in the same way, much less reciprocate.

While crass, it is as if Yggdrasil–the ash tree of Norse mythology that is considered the “Pillar of the World”–is nothing more than a twig–perhaps in the image of the Splinters of Dusk that The Inner Circle reduced to twigs a year ago–or even a penis, and Empty Spiral a condom–thus the Spiral would no longer be Empty–fornicating with The Inner Circle–quite obviously, in this metaphor, a vagina–although long past climax. Truly, the Yggdrasil and the Empty Spiral are long past their paramount peak in this battle, and The Inner Circle has not yet reached its wargasm because it did not allow itself to let go and face its impending fate head-on.

Surely many of The Inner Circle’s warriors are not to blame for their leader’s actions; but What The’s perceived abandonment, assuaged only by the Unholy Alliance’s outside efforts, should not be tolerated by ophelia and lady darkness, and their respective clans, who deserve better from an ally. While not entirely martyrs, Yggdrasil and the Empty Spiral, along with traditionally neutral Virtus Sodalitus and The Empire, should immediately withdraw, and the Heorotian alliance should recognize that just as What The betrayed AQelDroma in the past, What The has misled her allies in the now. The House of Heorot and its allies have exposed What The for who and what she has become and is. Of course, who and what What The is, naturally, is up for debate.



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“Freelance Editor” Yeah, it’s understandable… If I wrote such a piece of crap of an Editorial, I would not sign it with my name either… Your analogy about a penis a condom and a vagina is… pathetic.

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