War from the Lawn Chair Day 33

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Well, is the war raging on? I see jerseydevil has once again bit the dust… but really, where is the “BIG BANG”.

I know that after ALL of this bloodshed, death, coin usage and weapon usage there MUST be some great crescendo on the horizon. Or is this just it? The very few warriors left on the AoF side are hanging on against a contingent that now hugely outweigh them in BPs and numbers, but still the zeros come slowly. One here, one there. Almost like dribs and drabs. Let us end it already…

So now what happens? Where is the great victory? Or did the Unholy Alliance sweep that under the proverbial rug by killing What The themselves? We ALL know What The had her due coming with SIE… it was always just a matter of time. She had her share of enemies in the Unholy Alliance, time had just come and the mission was completed. Yet, the HoH side claims it is not the end of the war. So what IS the end of the war? No one is going to “renounce” What The, I mean of course they are not. What for? They are all almost dead and they fought honestly and bravely, who would be as simple as to believe that in order to save a small number of a remaining few, they would tarnish the name of all of the zeroed warriors and surrender to such defeat? Even if they DO think What The is a yahoo, do you believe they are going to admit it to YOU? Or publicly anywhere, for that matter? The idea is just preposterous. But then again… where is the ticker tape parade? Is anyone really rejoicing?

We all know the “power” behind the war was HoH. Who goes down in the glory? It certainly isnt the Church of Blood, or any of the other clans thrown into the front line to die first. It could be DOA, since they have the numbers and the wealth, and we all know they did provide a huge amount of the gunfire, but in the end, only those “in the know” know this… for it is truly HoH that will bask in the glory of… uhhh… of… killing the AoF… thats it you killed the AoF. But then the AoF didnt exist before you started this war, so really, didnt you just build them an alliance? Yes, yes you did killed the Alliance of Fire, but not without a damned good fight… and you showed What The for what she is… and and… uhhh, SO?

Since it was consistently claimed that What Thes death was the entire “point” of the war. We see now, according to HoH, that perhaps it was not, but what IS the end of the war? Is it when the fighting just slows and everyone just forgets they were fighting? Is it when the victory announcement is raised in all of the halls? And to what avail?

Yes, there may be eventual victory, but after such a treacherous war, the clans involved BOTH now are the weakest groups on the block. Any and ALL of the other clans that did not participate (if they are smart) have been running around amassing more coins, taking names of the warriros in battle, running their identifications, counting warriors, adding to their own members, wealth and weapons while they bemusedly watch as the “WINNERS” are depleted, tired and ready for a break.

What if… and I just mean WHAT IF… another clan, group or alliance decides to capitalize on this fact? I mean REALLY, if an alliance of… lets just say…. I dont know… 6 or 7 very cohesive, very unified, very coordinated clans, were to let us say “rise up”? Exactly who would be able to stop them? Hell, even a smaller group that is fully coined, powered blood filled and ready could possible hurt either side at this point… just what is stopping that from occurring?

Well, it was just a thought… I have no clue who would do such a thing. Who would have the tenacity, the size, the fearlessness and quite frankly the BALLS to do such a thing? Heck if I know. I do know that victory after a war this large is bitter sweet, certainly it does not leave you the strongest kid on the block anymore… it leaves you weakened and vulnerable and so very open to attack. But then, is there really anyone in the city that would ever do something like that?


Moirai della Spada

Where’s the fun in sitting back? -Moirai

Lord BubbleKnight

…it could happen, IF those clans participating in the war had depleted their entire stock of savings just in this war.

Sometimes, it’s wiser to be zeroed than to empty their wallets again and again, as it has been many times TIC strategy, necroing and necroing… until now, where they stopped doing so. Was it because lack of funds or lack of desire? Only they know it.

Now, if you mean that the Unholy Alliance would love to jump into the war and do that kill-the-survivors thing, I guess they would have to get a good excuse for entering. Or make up one, for that purpose.

Of course… that’s ONLY IF they were planning to enter, because I don’t see any other group or alliance which could join the fry right now.

Lord BubbleKnight Lord of the Orbenoir Dynasty Lovin’ husband to morganna :) Second in Command of the Capadocious Clan

Moirai della Spada

Does that include making up a false true identity from the winning alliance when they really came from the losing alliance? Because I think I’ve seen that before… -Moirai

Lord BubbleKnight

…it doesn’t have to have any sense, but to you, if that allows you to take some course of action. Of course, if your plans don’t go well, you will have to explain. A LOT.

But yes, my dear Moirai… History has this tendency of repeating itself once and again… don’t you think?

Lord BubbleKnight Lord of the Orbenoir Dynasty Lovin’ husband to morganna :) Second in Command of the Capadocious Clan


Talking about Kaio? As my father said:

smells fishy

Thalialeu of the Orbenoir Dynasty Capadocian Council Member


That thought, about both sides being “weakened” and left out at the good (or bad) will of those who didn’t participate, was what had stopped the whole City from engaging in a real War for ages now… We saw small conflicts here and there, everywhere, but the real, the big ones… It had been rally a long long time since, and why? Exactly for that: For the “calculating”. For thinking “but what if…” instead of acting. For that I applaud both sides of this War, because beyond the maths and tactis and strategy that every War implies, they didnt give a shit for the “what’s next” issue and did what they wanted to do: Fight. What about the others? Which others? Those others that might now jump in the fray and “take advantage” of said “weak” state. Well those would be the pussies. The Warriors were the one who fought this War.

Lord BubbleKnight

Check the responses to this Editor’s piece: http://www.ravenblack-grimoire.biz/node/928.

I don’t know if this could qualify as fishy, my dear baby, or it’s already crossing into the territory of a mentally retaded clown act.


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Told you, you were like always right…

and now things are much clear, why he still inside the SIE’s walls and has not being hit onces??

I though SPYs always get hunted down, but looks like the Clows are not.

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