Which Clan Makes Your Heart Run Cold (Scariest Clan in Town)…Who is the one clan you wouldnt want to face on the street alone?

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Just because I can… smirks

Then technically, vampires wouldn’t want to meet any of these clans ‘alone’. Except maybe the Splinters as they need to be paid to attack anyway. :P

NiF ~ophelia’s eternally~ Yggdrasil


To be honest, i never saw the point in these sort of polls. Obviously vampires will just vote for their cla and the clans with more members will get the votes. The unclanned ones will either vote for their friends clans or ignore it.


So where’s the Donkey?

Asmia~ RoR Cordial Royalty


Wait! You forgot The Sun Clan!!

HahH made ya laugh!

Lady Crimson

Cap??? LOL! I remember when they truly were a clan to beat all clans. “Join or die”

Lady Crimson