The War?

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This evening I returned to the city, from a my journey to the the latter half of this hemisphere. While away, I found myself quite busy and enrapt in the realities of the new places in which I hung my head each night. The exotic sights and smells of civilizations unique and far away, stirred my senses and filled my soul with things complete and whole again.

My journey continues, so alas, I shall continue to be rather silent here for a while longer. But since I have had a moment to land, back upon the ground that is RavenBlackCity… I have made sure to scavenge the halls for information far and wide.

Carefully I have extracted every sordid detail, every important event and with expediency, and all encompassing precision, I gathered my facts and information together, so that I could report on all that has occurred in my two week absence. I see that Irv got bound again. throws confetti

From corner to corner of this fair city I roamed. From hall to hall. From newspaper to newspaper. Trying to discover all that I had missed by being away during such a turbulent and important time. Knowing that the very culmination of this war and the effects it had upon this city, could be insurrmounting.

After sifting through countless documents, asking countless vampires and diligently piecing every important fact together with meticulous care. I have found important news to share with you all.

Nothing much has occurred. Nothing much has changed and this war seems to have fizzled out with an undramatic resounding thud that is even depressing for me.

So… I am heading back out of town… please feel free to ring me when something of importance, no something dramatic, no something significant… ok perhaps I should just say something anyone cares about, occurs.

You’ve got my number and my contact information via email is on the front page.


Editor in Chief Gone Fishing