Two Halves of My Whole

1 minute read

To the two closest people in my heart, I lay these words here for you. Without each of you, I would be lost and wadering aimlessly without any hope of finding my way. Both of you bring me back to where I belong and for that you share my heart. To the one that must share my heart and soul:

Beginning is the end of eternity, A heart so strong and full. Beating restlessly beneath the surface, A scar too deep to pull. Cresting like the ocean and drowing in the salt, A dream to shattered to heal.

Saved from what was thought to be misery, Swept right off the ground, Arms enveloped and protecting all the while. There was a time when happiness seemed so far away, But now the moon rises in such the perfect way.

No other one to take a heart and touch it so. No other one to piece together a broken soul. No other one and only to hold at night. No other one to love forever, kept always by my side.

To the one I share my heart and soul with:

Timeless and treasured, unforgettable. Kept safe with just a look. No need to sneak around, flaunt it casually. Living with a love so thick and desire growing. Wishes cast out to the heavens to not have it all go wrong. Filling to the brim with tears and washing away the pain. There are not enough words to express the joy, Held by someone so adored.

It is possible to be in love with two; I don’t regret the situation I’m in for it is one I would not trade for all the perfectly tortured screams in the universe. And if one knows me, they know that that is rather extreme. I love you both so much and I can only begin to describe the sheer bliss you both have got me caught up in.

~Anonymous Vampire with a heart big enough for two~