spookie back from the dead

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Yes… once again the dead has risen. From the depths of the great beyond. Even those that have spent centuries ridiculing those that have done the same, seem to just not be able to stay dead.

What happens to the dead that have returned? Are they allowed to just start at the same place of which they left us? Do they deserve the same rights, priveleges, and loyalties, once they have decided to leave us for the great beyond?

Why is it even a possibility? Should not Dead and Buried mean just that? Yes… perhaps Lucius was raised from the dead, but it was after his soul had spent a great deal of time in this city within the confines of the Shining Host and once Shining Host was zeroed by those that were truly enemies of Lucius, it made perfect sense in the miraculous scheme of things in RavenBlackCity to raise the one they truly hated, since they killed Shining Host for the simple connection.

Immortal creatures in one way, but then mortal in another. How fickle we are, how indecisive and weak. Today I am dead, tomorrow I am alive… and next week I will be a day walker and shoot fire from my ass and bampf across buildings with my super hero powers…



Once Dead and Buried, should remain Dead and Buried. My 2 cents. Brutus Nasty Boy Hells Angel


I agree entirely.

Madeye Black-Wolf


Ha ha ha ha ha

– Hesu Sanctuary of Immortal Enlightenment Enforcers of Enlightenment Training Ground Institute shadowsshades Lucius- from brother to childer in 30 seconds…


We are vampires. By our very innate nature we rise from the grave; it is what we do. Before one states that final death must consist of simply being Dead and Buried (many a newly made vampire’s state before opening ones immortal eyes for the first time) consider this, was the vampire beheaded? Staked through the heart or Rendered to ash beneath the gaze of Ra? There are very few things which can truely destroy a vampire, and until such comes to pass, we can expect the Dead and Buried to rise again and again. With this in mind, the state of Dead and Buried becomes little more a than a semi-permenant state of torpor.

Carpathia Dragosee Yggdrasil


Being that we are of the undead, it is our own nature to rise not from death, for we do not truly die as we make the transition. Our bodies experience natural death. But to be truly dead, not only must your body cease to perform life processes, but your consciousness must be absent from that body. When we are turned, that consciousness stays with us. In so much as for what is torpor, there are those who are old enough that the light of day cannot harm them. Stakes.. are jokes to some, (like me) and pointless.

The point here I make is this. Many of us sleep for different reasons. I have slept because I needed to find myself again. I do so often when necessary. If you are a head of a house, should you not have your role. If you are not, should you not have your role, if others know why you needed to sleep?

Astaroth Tien Lung Master Dragopyre of Draconis Nocturna Sorena’s Dragon and King SIE Elite


Semi-perminant torpor. I like that. That pretty much sums it up, doesn’t it? Much more honest than “I’m dead now, but I’m going to still be around, but I’m dead…really…but, if I have something to say I will, but you can’t come after me cause I’m seriously dead.”

That is rampant, and it’s enough to drive me to drink…

relsav SC white’s eternally


I find myself in agreement with you Carpathia and have to retract my previous statement. Plots a similiar death and rebirth of my own, real soon.

Brutus Nasty Boy Hells Angel


What you’re saying is, that it is indecisive and weak for vampires to come back from the “great beyond” and rise from the status of dead and buried, and that even if those vampires once had great rights and priveleges and people loyal to them, they should be shunned upon their return for choosing to do so… Unless they’re Lucius? shrugs I’d hate to see hypocrisy in an article that appears to be speaking against just that. But perhaps I am just reading too much into it. Personally, I think if any vampire (Lucius or otherwise :P) does decide to return, whatever their reasons, they should at least be given a chance to explain those reasons, before they are judged “indecisive and weak.” But that’s just me. Anyway, welcome back to the land of the un-living, spookie :P

~Arsanga ó Cionaoith~ Eternally Bound to Murrz Ramirez

Matt Black

I agree with your sentiment - not least because if Dead and Buried is merely a form of semi-permanent torpor, I refuse ever again to shed a tear as some vampire of lost repute flounces histrionically into the sunset. Hmmm, not that I ever did. In fact, I think I might just shake myself a martini and sit out in a lawn chair laughing like a drain as they cart their sorry ass off, tail between their legs. I’ll still be there snickering as they crawl back into the city at the break of dawn.

Matt Black


What a big pile of shit…