Changing Tides

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In an unprecedented move that could literally change the landscape of RavenBlackCity, ophelia Lokason made a bold gesture tonight by severing her Sire Maverickschild, essentially breaking all of her ties with the Gyllenstierna bloodline. This severance will make ophelia Matriarch of her close knit family and completely remove her descendants from the old bloodline.

It had been noted that ophelia had stopped using the Gyllenstierna moniker for sometime now, but it can not be said that this move was in any way expected.

For many centuries the Gyllenstierna name was coveted as the elite, until it apparently began to unravel in time. Not knowing the circumstances, but seeing the effects, the Gyllenstierna as a family have not been the vocal power they once were and it seemed as if perhaps many had grown past that old world style of leading and managing.

This evening, with only those closest to her at her side, ophelia changed the course of history by removing any link she had with that past and is now ready for a new and glimmering future for her and her Lokason family.

Also tonight, opehlia severed spookie, who just recently raised herself from the dead. ophelia had sworn that she would maintain the link to any of her childer that decided to end their nights and go to the land of nod, but swore an oath, never to allow herself to share a link with any that decided to return from the great beyond, essentially motivating the action that occurred tonight.

When asked to make a statement ophelia refused and all she was heard to say over and over again was “this just sucks”

No matter how anyone may feel or what anyone may think of this great elder that has a been huge part of shaping this city from its veritable beginnings, no one can debate the fact that this was a courageous and bold action, indicating that even an ancient can learn, grow and change with the times. It should be a lesson to us all.

We wish you the best ophelia and to your Lokason line I offer to raise my glass in cheers.



ophelia… I know we have not always seen eye to eye in things, but in this I wish you well. I hope your new road makes you very happy.

~Cerridwen~ Lucius’ Kiddo The Ferrymen


Your pain is felt city wide ophelia.

Well wishes for you, your family, and the journey’s that lay before you.

::Majica :Thylantis’s Eternity


I wish you the best in all you may wish to attain. Brutus Nasty Boy Hells Angel


I would just like to clarify, that I did “NOT” Decide to “raise myself from the dead” That’s mumbojumbo.

Ophelia severed me because I woke up. Trust me I tried to sleep, but I kept waking up untill I gave in and walked again, but I wasn’t able to help it myself.

However, Lucius did wake up, in fact he never let back in the day. His fae sould haunted the halls of Ferrymen all the time, just his body was gone.. but it’s too big of a shame for ophelia to have a childe who “pulled the lucius” that she rather sever them than face it.

But in all honesty - I did not raise myself from the dead - The reasons why I walk again ae The puppeteer’s and her’s alone - She is the one who pulls the strings - not me, so don’t print false information.

ohh nice tablecloth!


Denial, denial, denial - blame, blame, blame

Goodness all that time to rest and still so pitifully angry and blameless of everything. tsk tsk

Some learn and grow, some simmer and rot!!!

– Hesu Sanctuary of Immortal Enlightenment Enforcers of Enlightenment Training Ground Institute shadowsshades Lucius- from brother to childer in 30 seconds…

Lord BubbleKnight

So ophelia is not anymore a Gylls? So spookie is not anymore a Lokason? So spookie has come back from the undead who decided to become dead?

Hmmm… interesting news. Mav, ophelia and spookie in the same piece of paper. Hmmm…

By the way, hello, spookie? Are you still into chocolate-dipped hot cherries? ;)

Lord BubbleKnight Lord of the Orbenoir Dynasty Back to singledom and lovin’ it! Leader of the Capadocians


;)) yes..

As always.

got some for me?


indeed, some things never change >.>



folds up newspaper and continues to chuckle ____

Damari My friends call me ~Silence


Considering that the city is constantly changing as we all do, it doesn’t bring but so much surprise that she chose to leave the family. It does however, make me wonder what happened, since as far as I knew, she was there before I was even made. In any case, I wish for the best with you and your house. Do keep things amicable though.

Astaroth Tien Lung Master Dragopyre of Draconis Nocturna Sorena’s Dragon and King SIE Elite

Lord BubbleKnight

…with your name somewhere among my belongings.

Let me check them and I’ll come back to you, ok?


Lord BubbleKnight Lord of the Orbenoir Dynasty Back to singledom and lovin’ it! Leader of the Capadocians