The Release of Hot Air- A Statement by Hesu

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kaio999 was booted from his former clans Sanctuary of Immortal Enlightenment, from now on referred to as SIE and the Enforcers of Enlightenment, aka EoE, when it was discovered early last week that he had started his own clan. This is an act that is well known to be punishable by death when in the SIE.

For many months kaio999 has struggled to survive his stay in SIE, Hesu having taken him under her wing constantly fighting with her leaders who felt he was an obnoxious and loud mouthed braggart, who was hungry for power, but never showed much fortitude or desire to work for it, beyond running around the city and screaming from the top of his lungs.

Members of the Alliance had constantly complained about him and Seyda as well as whitelightfell were staunch supporters of zeroing his ass for his blustery behavior, but allowed Hesu the chance to reform him of his Sartorian ways. aka Lots of bluster little success.

Though SIE is far from the example of perfection in a clan. They do maintain a motto, that is not always upheld, but is in their general makeup, of “Walk lightly and carry a big stick” This has always been the strength of the connection between Seyda and Hesu and really the entire Unholy Alliance.

SIE has been quiet it is true, they have been quietly plotting and planning and building and that has always been their way. As with the Unholy Alliance, they choose their battles and choose them well and don’t generally try to stir up trouble that is not worth their time. This leads to long stints of ongoing silence and the tedium of work. But the members of SIE, the solid ones, have the fortitude and understanding of the value of this motto and they have seen it work for them again and again.

Fact is, clans like RoR and SIE are just to busy working day in and day out to do much more than just that and it has always been an assumption that anyone that has time to run around, yell in all the halls and chat, has too much time on their hands, indicating they are not committed to offering that time to working for the clan.

Some just want the glory, they want the power and they want to be famous. But it is not in SIE’s or my (Hesu) interest to do or be that and it never was. It is hard work, honour, education, knowledge and integrity that has always been the mission statement of SIE. Protecting the clan against all odds, not running around doing things that will bring issues down upon your own or your clans head again and again.

In the end, this mission statement and motto has been the ultimate success of SIE, EoE and RoR and LoSD, as well as the entire Alliance, who have all buckled down to work and grow. We all see that building and organizing means protecting those we love. It is an arms race for us, to wield the power is to have the might, and the best part of this idea, is that we do not often need to use it, it just has to be known it is there to keep our loved ones safe.

I believed in kaio999 and together with one of my dearest friends LadyPeacek I hoped to see him become something more than he was and attain what I believed he could attain. But it wasn’t fast enough, he wasn’t willing to learn or work and in the end all the silly beating on his chest just became embarrassing and annoying. So when his little “Assassin” clan was discovered last week we decided to boot him from the clan as we have now done and kill him and his ungrateful conspirators.

Most of the Unholy Alliance is jumping with glee at the chance to kill something, really ANYTHING. But especially kaio999 whose membership was a constant strain and a point of contention between Hesu and leadership since the day he joined. We attacked him, booted him and there has been a big sigh of relief in SIE and the much needed target practice begins.

I am not sorry about kaio999, but I am about EvilDrusilla and Raven_Moon, who apparently joined the SIE school under his false pretenses, and are now dying for his sins. And for LadyPeacek, who I love and respect. But unlife goes on in the city of fools and hot air.



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