LadyPeacek Leaves the "Bloodline"

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Upon mutual agreement LadyPeacek was severed by Hesu this afternoon with no fan fare. This severs the Wolfe family completely from Hesus line, something many believed was bound to happen sooner than it did.

Hesu and LadyPeacek remain the best of friends and part ways with no hard feelings.



I am truly sorry ladypea~~

hears Seyda

I’M the favorite now….get it right.

preens cuz *I am still the favoristestest

~twylyte SIE Attache to Matriarch Hesu ~eternally bound to Deek~


What a bittersweet moment, I suppose.

Pea, good luck with your goal. I hope you find what you’re looking for.

Hesu, you know I’m your favorite anyway. Just don’t show this to twy. smile