A New Game In Town

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Though we of the immortal kind have centuries to live, much like us,some habits just won’t seem to die. One of them is the love for football. Yes, you heard me right, I said FOOTBALL.

From the freshly turned to the almost dust, there are scores of football fans residing right here in Ravenblack City. Though it is not an often discussed topic in public, during that special season, they find themselves sitting in shadowy pubs or hunkered down in front of their own television sets at home with a beer in one hand a blood-lust in their eye and hopes of their team winning all the way through.

So why not do something with this frenzy of energy that centers around a small brown leather ball and men in tight pants, cheerleaders and the blood, sweat and tears that come with love of the game?

For those of you who have grown bored with hunting humans alone and find yourselves in search of new excitement, this too is perfect for you! If you’ve never found yourself with an interest in football and leagues of any kind, now is the PERFECT time to give it a whirl. After all, you never know until you try!

There’s a new game in town folks. It’s called the Vampire Football League (VFL).

“The Vampire Football League (VFL) has been granted rights to begin operations and has started accepting franchise applications. The winner stands to win one million coins, based on the league operating with a minimum of 10 teams.

Getting a franchise is easy, although team owners have to be residents of Ravenblack City. Franchises must conform with the genre and must have nicknames in line with vampire or werewolf lore, fairies, elves or other mystical characteristics.

League play is based on predicting the winners of weekly NFL games and features head-to-head match ups. The team picking more correct winners each week is awarded the win. For a complete set of the rules, visit the VFL group link posted on the main page (sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/vflteams/) or e-mail vampire_football@yahoo.com. “

Good luck and have a GREAT time. May the best teams win!


Matt Black

For our readers outside the USA, I would like to point out that the football referred to in this article is not the beautiful game but large sweaty men named after home appliances exerting vast effort to move their heavily-armoured bulk mere inches up a field in brief segments between the beer commercials.


Dont forget the car commercials dammit, oh and the sports drinlk commercials too nods nods

– Hesu Sanctuary of Immortal Enlightenment Enforcers of Enlightenment Training Ground Institute shadowsshades Lucius- from brother to childer in 30 seconds…