Silent Rage Continues-an editorial

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Lucius has been seen trawling the city in what has been reported as an apparently so far successful mission to eradicate the city from what he refers to as his “wife’s brats”. As reported earlier, his beloved wife Damari, was recently booted from the Ferrymen on the tails of what has been heard as a messy and rather inconsiderate event involving Amaranthe, one of Damaris childer.

Damari’s eminent self inflicted demise caused the profound and infamous Lucius to go on a rampage (as indicated in earlier news) and seek out those that he felt were the root of the problem. This situation has been an entirely family matter, until Lucius of course, not exactly known as being the cautious type, ended up scrolling Pandrora from her house, in an attempt to get the cowering childer that were hiding there.. out. This prompted a responding scroll from Pandrora as well as a Holy Water from the once notorious EvilBill. Lucius was so focused on attacking the kids, he was completely unmoved or affected bu the HW, failing to even mention it until he was informed of his blood loss.

As reported by Lucius and others at the scene, the events were all within reason of each other and in the name of fair play, everyone had moved on, leaving Lucius to deal with his direct family matters without anyone else’s involvement. Recently, it was reported that for some reason unknown to anyone else, Moondreamer set out to attack Lucius, summarily Holy Watering him as he slept. Word on the street is that, Hesu and her colossal family line, well known for being rife with huge blood, ancient vampires and powerful and well respected leaders of the city, jumped into alert expecting the Church of Blood to perhaps back up Moondreamers unexpected and seemingly mislaid actions. But no such development appears to have occured.

In quiet rebellion Lucius has reportedly maintained a steady stream of blood flow from his two appointed targets, Amaranthe and Juddin Scire, with no further involvement of anyone else until once again Moondreamer struck Lucius with a Holy Water during his sleep. Having asked a prominent member of HoH if they knew WHY this was occurring, they replied that they had little contact with Moondreamer and really didn’t understand what the Hell she was doing. In response, Hesu found herslef having to jump into the fray and back her childer by returning fire on Moondreamer and warning her to stay out of it. It is reported no further action has been generated by her hands since. When this reporter questioned Seyda, leader of RoR and LoSD and prominent member of the Bloodline, she stated, “Lucius remains focused on his family issue and has no plans to return fire on any opportunists trying to make a name for themselves. My crew has no problem running interference in order to truly keep this issue a family one, if necessary.”

This story shall remain in constant coverage until it has found its end. Please keep your eyes open for an interview with the illusive silent one, coming soon.


Alex Wolfe

Always willing to play interference for the family. Excellent editorial, keep up the good work.

kaio999 Lord of masks SIE/EoE ~Minas~


Seems to me this is premeditated. One wonders how much the ‘insanity’ plea really is true if Lucius ‘remains focused’ as well as the prolonged length of these attacks. And, why has there not been reports on the attacks by the Scires on Lucius? The plot, much like the reporting by the editor, is full of holes.


awww little kaio999 trying to further brown up his nose for a name in the city with his wee “lord of masks” slogan, keep digging for the brown treasure lord of blokes, some day it will pay off I am 100% sure. is quite surprising the editorial here seems to ALWAYS speek favoribly of the short comings of the (well whatever they think they are) sie. Cant that cute gathering do something (or atleast make editorial of) somewhat DECENT which within the passage compliment somthing OTHER then there very own every move, maybe let the public of RB say something pleasant of them for once? no way cause nobody has anything good to say for them but THEMSELVES, well accept for the many they pay to promote there good nature of a better name for themselves, HAHAHA no wander there broke. Now I am sure there will DEFINATLY be words spoken in reply from seyda(who cares) and hesu(well isnt that surprising) in attempt to be all intilectual downsising these words, picking apart every word with coments and thoughts and whatnot, which just proves there undying need to stand true to there need to be center of attention; or maybe they will say nothing at all to play the “I am better then you” rout; or or they will pay more vamps like kaio999 to make better there humble group of viscious self loving peace making enlighteners (snickers). whatever the reply, good work im SURE it will be indeed, a pre applaud of cheers to ye. no wander this paper is a joke. keep fighting the good fight Lucius!

aGeorger I own the lord of masks RoR/LoSD ~Minas/Plus~


Perhaps because this piece is an Editorial and not News? Like it or not, an editorial can be as biased, as full of holes, and as spun as the writer would like it to be. If you don’t like it, well…you know the rest, I’m sure.


…says the one who can’t spell intellectual. Nice.


blinks Could you please rephrase that entire commentary so that it makes even the smallest bit of sense. I get that you’re fascinated by Hesu and Seyda, and might even have a bit of interest in kaio, but the general content of your post, I believe, eludes even the most intelligent of people. Thanks in advance.

Also, since you do seem to carry such a strong opinion, as I am under the impression you surely must be proud to have put such thought into your comment on this article, might I suggest you introduce yourself properly and use a name that can be validated within our city? However, if you do not, that is understandable as well. Every city, after all, must have citizens that look good is varying shades of yellow. smiles


ophelia Lokason NiF’s Eternally Yggdrasil


I need not make any comment, you have pointed out your stupidity all over the place. I just wish you used your real name so I can ram a vial down your throat. Actions speak louder than words after all.

Kaio Lord of masks SIE/EoE ~Minas~


I find it funny that you felt the need to say something to kaio999 when he makes a comment yet you are responding yourself behind a poorly manufactored mask yourself. So what, he stands behind his bloodline… does this mean that you do not stand by your own bloodline and that is why you feel the need to wear that mask and speak as you do? hmmm something to think about I am sure.

At least he speaks that in which he feels where as quite a few in this city do not. Also just a note, he didnt even attack anyone in his article response… no he just stated his beliefs… so I have to ask? Can you do the same? I highly doubt it!

As for your feelings about this paper. It must be somewhat entertaining to you, enough that you felt the need to pick up one then to even have to comment within it. Can’t be to much of a joke since you felt the strong urge to make a comment.. gods your pathetic

~puredelight~ ~To cute for Masks~ ~Seth’s forever~ Don of Mafia Sypheronias


Juddin and Amaranthe had not attacked Lucius at the time the article was written. Hence it really could not be mentioned now could it?

Me thinks perchance the holes are in your head, or perhaps in your knowledge of the events.

– Hesu Sanctuary of Immortal Enlightenment Enforcers of Enlightenment Training Ground Institute shadowsshades Lucius- from brother to childer in 30 seconds…


– Hesu Sanctuary of Immortal Enlightenment Enforcers of Enlightenment Training Ground Institute shadowsshades Lucius- from brother to childer in 30 seconds…


You know, it comes a point in every vampire’s life when they have to pick up a dictionary and return to the school notes from centuries before to learn again how to use proper grammar and spelling. Well, for very select few vampires anyway or maybe its just you. I am certain that you carry some serious animosity towards those you mentioned with such ill favor. Perhaps if you took the time to notice that your intellectually challenged logic and posts in response to this editorial has no basis nor makes any given sense, you would have saved yourself an embarassment or two. I don’t blame Kaio for wanting to ram a vial of holy water down your throat. It might clear your vocal cords for you to speak a bit more clearly… and logically. Of course, I myself would want to do so since you insulted the leader of my clan but it isn’t worth the ramada right now.

However, it is my belief that not only you are intellectually challenged, but you also lack the testicular fortitude to indeed formally voice what you believe, though is problematic understanding you when you speak. We see the power of your words and honestly that is like putting a water pistol against a howitzer. I am saying, if you feel that you can talk the talk, do walk the walk. Otherwise, please return to your nearest elementary school to re-educate yourself again.

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