An Interview with The Beast

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I meet Lucius in a corner cafe.

It is a moonless night and the cafe itself is dark.

When I arrive at the facility he is there waiting for me at a table casually sipping at what appears to be coffee and smoking a cigarette.

It appears he has been there for quite some time, for the ashtray is full and when the waitress arrives to refill his cup, she is obviously shaken and hesitant, terror in her eyes from an incident I don’t even wish to ask about.

Once I take my seat and wave away any coffee for myself I take note of the vampire. Usually immaculately groomed I find that his hair is unusually dishevelled and his collar is askew from his fine haute couture coat. His eyes are blazing red. His nails are long, sharp and jagged. His fangs are distended behind his lips as if ready for action, and droplets of blood can be scene upon his white linen shirt which despite himself is crisp. There are burns on his coats and signs of recently Holy Watering… it is an unusual way to see Lucius.

I cautiously rest in silence for a while as I watch him smoke cigarette after cigarette furiously jabbing them out one by one in the over flowing ashtray. An easy 15 minutes pass before he acknowledges my presence with a nod and an evil smile that more innately shares his dagger sharp protrusions

Then in a creaking voice he allows it to begin…

Lucius: Where do we start?

Hesu: I suppose I shall begin with why you have decided to speak after being silent for so long.

Lucius: Sometimes it’s better to hear the truth from the people concerned and since Damari is unavailable for now… I can clarify a few points concerning me

Hesu: I see Hesu: So are you willing to elaborate on the events that brought us here today?

Lucius: To a reasonable extent

Hesu: Good Hesu: Then let us touch initially on the where it all began Hesu: The expulsion of Damari from the Ferrymen Hesu: Do you know what led up to this occurrence?

Lucius: I’d rather leave that to Damari and the ferrymen to explain

Hesu: Fair enough Hesu: Then we begin with Damaris decision to torpor herself perhaps

Lucius: Perhaps

Hesu: Was this a decision you were aware of?

Lucius: No

Hesu: How did you find out that this had occurred?

Lucius: I found her body laying bloodless in her office after she summoned me

Hesu: I see Hesu: and what was your initial response?

Lucius: Stupefaction, horror, despair, destruction

Hesu: Understandable

Lucius: You think?

Hesu: It appears that you blame Juddin and Amaranthe for your wife’s demise, would you explain this?

Lucius: Let’s just say that if they didn’t exist, nothing of this would have happened

Hesu: nods Hesu: It is common knowledge to the city that you are attacking these two vampires, where do you expect this to end?

Lucius: I have no expectations

Hesu: hmm

Lucius: I do not even wish them to die, I will make each day count and coat every street with their blood

Hesu: Is this the first of what may become regular appearances by you? Hesu: Or only a temporary public appearance in relation to your torpored wife

Lucius: It’s not a public matter as far as I know Lucius: If the two brats wish it to be, that is their choice

Hesu: Well then, what is your opinion of the CoBs response to all of this?

Lucius: EB would do anything to regain some glory and I’m well aware that he’s always had wet dreams about my death Lucius: I think he saw a crack in the wall that could benefit him Lucius: I am embarrassed for him and his little church. He once said he wanted to become like me when he grows up, but I don’t see him getting there. Regressing rather. Sade calls him FeebleBill.

Hesu: I see Hesu: Do you then have any parting statements to offer the city, or anyone else?

Lucius: I have unleashed the Beast for a good reason and when Damari will arise there will be some explanation to give from her childer Lucius: I enjoy tearing them apart and this won’t stop soon

Hesu: Damaris childer have publicly claimed that you have been waiting for such a moment as an excuse to attack them Hesu: Would you say this is true?

Lucius: I don’t see a better reason than avenging my Wife’s death, I didn’t know them well before but when they left the Ferrymen for the CoB I felt they could become a problem Lucius: you see, Damari has loved them like a Jewish mother protecting her kids who would have turned Nazi Lucius: It was bound to explode

Hesu: What is it about them that has caused this mistrust and disdain?

Lucius: You can’t say you love a person and lie to her and mess with her mind and feelings

Hesu: Makes perfect sense Hesu: As the Patriarch of the family how would you describe their attitude towards you?

Lucius: Damari and I are inseparable and I won’t let them try Lucius: Childer or not

Hesu: Ahh so you believe they have had an ulterior motive in all of this?

Lucius: Cause or consequence, it doesn’t matter to me Lucius: Their behaviour during these last few days just proves me right Lucius: They have gone through an Emo prostration first and yet Juddin never ceased to taunt me in the Palazzo, a place he is not allowed to step in

Hesu: Why is he so restricted? Hesu: He was banned prior to this event?

Lucius: Yes, his behaviour has been offending in the past and he had gone too far, he was fully aware of the limits Lucius: I was ready to close my eyes if it stayed outside of my home

Hesu: You would perhaps say he had a lack of respect for yourself, your wife and your home prior to all of these recent occurrences?

Lucius: I believe the recent events are just the result of his conduct, with the obvious support of his wife

Hesu: That is unfortunate Hesu: and I am sorry for the temporary demise of your wife

Lucius: I am sorry too Lucius: But I wouldn’t be the one to sit and watch

Hesu: Are they fighting back?

Lucius: Oh yes. they’re actually in a state between Stockholm syndrome and Hysteria, apparently past the Emo prostration of their strange mourning Lucius: It’s almost fun Lucius: Like a video game you keep putting quarters in

Hesu: As your history indicates… your actions are not unexpected

Lucius: I can’t even predict what my next action will be. The Beast is in charge

Hesu: and what do you think your wife will say of all of this when she rises?

Lucius: Time will tell

At his last words he stands and the chair falls to the floor. I look at the chair on its side for only a moment and when I look up he is gone. Only the last smoldering cigarette is left there to indicate that he was there at all. I click off the tape recorder and wrap my coat about me, dropping change on the table for the waitress, I to am gone into the night.


Scythian Chornovyl

I enjoyed reading that.

~Son of Lucius


Seems very ‘heat of the moment’ to me.


Deimus: No such vampire.

Seems very ‘I’m a yellow bellied coward who’s afraid to let my name be known’ to me.


“Hesu: It appears that you blame Juddin and Amaranthe for your wife’s demise, would you explain this?

Lucius: Let’s just say that if they didn’t exist, nothing of this would have happened”

I don’t believe he knows the entire truth.. Interesting.. smiles

But it’s not my place to say..

Sad events, such a shame.

Jocelyn Dux Domina Pravitas Janus’ Lady of Corruption, Proud daughter of MiaRaeLyn. The corridor, The Ferrymen.


Do you REALLY believe you are more informed than HE? I can guarrentee you are NOT. Lucius was the founding father of the Ferrymen… he is of course well informed of all events. His conclusions may be different than other leaders involved in this situation but his information has been thorough I assure you…

– Hesu Sanctuary of Immortal Enlightenment Enforcers of Enlightenment Training Ground Institute shadowsshades Lucius- from brother to childer in 30 seconds…


Does the truth remain nameless?


I don’t claim to know more, I just believe there were more factors that contributed to the events, and that those two should not have the blame placed on them completely. He may know absolutely everything, yet still believe it was all their fault.. Fine, but it just seems that some facts are missing.

Jocelyn Dux Domina Pravitas Janus’ Lady of Corruption, Proud daughter of MiaRaeLyn. The corridor, The Ferrymen.


No Cowards remain nameless

Kaio Lord of masks SIE/EoE ~Minas~

Matt Black


it is one of the purposes of this paper to stimulate debate on current affairs, and as such you are welcome to state your opinion here. However, all you have said is that Lucius doesn’t know the whole truth.

You have not enlightened us to what it is that Lucius doesn’t know, nor to why you know it and he doesn’t. So you haven’t really told us much at all.

You have also said that it is not your place to say. This suggests that you will now be reprimanded for opening your mouth without gaining the kudos of having actually said SOMETHING.

So, as the saying goes, if you have something to say, say it, otherwise keep your mouth firmly shut. This is as much for your own good as anything.

Matt Black Staff

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I was once long ago told this by a dear friend of mine when I oh so mistakenly used the title “Harbinger of Death”. “The title is taken, please change it.”

Lucius is as much a Beast as Cerridwen is a Lady.

AdaMaS The Beast Husband to Nemesis He who wanders in the darkness of his own insanity