An Interview with Juddin Scire

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Earlier today, I had the pleasure of speaking to the vampire Juddin Scire on the current events in the city that revolve around the death of his Sire and the apparent conflict between Lucius, husband of Damari and two of her childe.

ophelia: I happened to be flipping through some of the city’s newspapers and I’ve noted that the Grim seems to have done an interview with coughs Lucius. I was wondering if perhaps you might have some time in the very near future to do one yourself so that there is at least a bit of balance in this tale

Juddin: Could be fun, who are you reporting for?

ophelia: smiles sweetly The Grim ~looks shifty~ There’s a benefit to not being particularly liked but still being employed after all

Juddin: I didn’t like his interview today

ophelia: The vortex of his ego can swallow small planets that’s for certain

Juddin: It was more the out right lies

ophelia: Well if you’re amicable, we can base an interview from that one and you can offer counter points and clarification on what you feel was untrue

Juddin: That would be a good start

ophelia: tries to make all reporter-like Then I’d like to start with things circulating that indicate that you blame Lucius for Damari’s demise. Would this be the case?

Juddin: No, I blame Damari and her knife primarily. On another level I blame the fact she was kicked from her clan which hurt her very badly as she loved that clan so much she would sacrifice almost anything to assist them.

ophelia: Fair enough. Why is there such animosity between yourself and your Sire’s husband, if I may ask.

ophelia: Animoisty that seems to have led to some kind of finger pointing of some sort.

Juddin: The Donkey Trainer? I bore him no animosity at all until he started lobbing holy water at my azz everytime I poked my nose up for air. Seriously, I idolised the guy until about a week ago, which I now find was a very misplaced view to have taken. There is only one finger I feel like pointing towards him now.

ophelia: How did you first hear about Damari’s death?

Juddin: I as going through normal unlife, replacing the blood your bound partner ripped from me in the last war, and got a message that she wanted us with her but I had been banned from her home so kicked back outside where I could see, hear and feel the progression of things. I was close enough to help if I was needed but still respecting the Donkey Trainers request I not come into his home.

Juddin: Then she died

ophelia: nods Why are you not allowed inside your Sire’s home?

ophelia: It would seem if she requested your presence, that is an open invitation for you to come to the Palazzo in answer.

Juddin: A few weks ago my son and buddy, TheweeVlad, was bound to the spunky greek goddess eleanna, and we needed to party. Being that is was childer of Damaris childer marrying childer of Donkey Trainers childer (at the time, anyway) we thought his place would be cool to party at. Damari was all for it, but her other half was sleeping or out or something. juddin_scire: So they got bound, which was fun, we started drinking and wandered up to the Palazzo, and played some music and drank some beers. (I am sure Amaranthe, eleanna, Damari and the ladies had champagne or something).

Juddin: Then Donkey Trainer wakes up all cranky and told us all to bugger off and begone in 30 minutes or else.

Juddin: So we packed up the party, shuffled off and so forth.

Juddin: I checked around and decided to wash the glasses the gals had used before going to join them, but half an hour had passed. Everyone else had gone and I copped it.

Juddin: He told me if I ever came back he would zero me.

ophelia: Ooh my frowns And you’ve been forbidden entrance to the Palazzo since.

ophelia: Shortly after your Sire’s death, nosey servants and what not report hearing you say the following to Lucius “If you want to blame anyone for this, look to your own bloodline at those who have hurt her taken advantage of her. Do not blame those that have only loved her and been friends as well as being her family in blood.” Care to elaborate on that a bit?

Juddin: Yes, and I stayed out, even when Damari died. I sat outside stressing. Then Donkey Boy came out trying to growl and throw stuff at Amaranthe and I, so I figured from that point I could go on in as he was trying to kil me anyway.

Juddin: I did say that. The servants did very well.

ophelia: waves a hand that’s why mine aren’t allowed to leave our home. Yappy creatures at best.

Juddin: Amaranthe, TheweeVlad and myself had only ever loved Damari and wanted the best for her.

Juddin: And I believe that some people in the bloodline had reason and desire to kick my Sires azz.

ophelia: Fair enough. So where does it come from then, Lucius’ statement that none of this would have happened were it not for yourself and Amaranthe?

ophelia: Did you two perchance play some role in her eventual removal from the Ferrymen and with that in mind, her subsequent suicide, that you are wiling to acknowledge?

Juddin: What he said was none of this would have happened if we didn’t exist. Not wanting to blow our own trupets on anything there is a gutload of things that would be different without us. We were her childer, his step childer, we were in that clan for a long time and in fairly senior positions, and left it so yeah things would have been very different if we didnt exist. Would that have been better or worse? Who knows. He seems to have a real beef with the fact we left the ferrymen.

Juddin: I will see if you want to ask about that at all before I go onto your next question Ms Ophelia.

ophelia: All right…lets start with ‘there is a gutload of things that would be different without us’. Care to name a few of those things that might be different? juddin_scire: ummm, TheweeVlad wouldnt be a vampire, eleanna wouldn have a bound partner, Yorgie wouldnt have got displaced today from Palazzo, EvilBill would be sad without us around to make him smile and Lucius would still be a Blood God

ophelia: True enough

ophelia: Why did you choose to leave the Ferrymen? And is this something that had an adverse effect on your sire within the structure of the clan that you are aware of?

Juddin: OK< the bit thing here is we left the Ferrymen. Fullstop. We didn’t leave to go anywhere. We just left. It wasnt fun, and at the end of the day that was the reason. All three of us felt it was a chore to be there and thats it. So we left and went to the pub. In fairness to us three in this current situation, Damari left as well and came back many months later and Donkey trainer himself left vowing to “never return” a damned long time ago, so I dont see why us three wandering off was usch a big deal. Damari seemed to deal with it ok.

ophelia: And in the end, you wound up in the crumbling remains of the Church, a clan that was in the past, notorious for hating your Sire. This in itself might have had some negative effects on her don’t you think?

Juddin: I wouldnt say crumbling ruins so much as well established foundations. Remind me to talk to Bill about my idea of putting a zoo in there. Look, yeah, in fairness to us we had no idea about the Damari/ CoB history when we hooked up with them and it was only when I hit the archives and read about it later and suddenly understood why I wasnt trusted or liked straight away. She might have copped some “negative effects”, as did we at the CoB initially, but they were minimal, manageable and dealt with in our case and are now ancient history. Her clan shoudl have worked out if she was worth trusting or now ( and she was) and then moved on to become stronger like the Church did. Dmari seemed to accept our choice and deal with it.

Juddin: worth trust or NOT

ophelia: Earlier you told me you did not like Lucius’ interview and it was mostly lies. Would you address those please?

Juddin: I didnt say it was mostly lies, just that I didnt like the outright lies in it. Hardly surprising when you are being interviewed by your mum.

ophelia: lol…fair enough. And the outright lies would be?

Juddin: My biggest ones were these:

Juddin: (Lucius)’ I was ready to close my eyes if it stayed outside of my home’

Juddin: I hadn’t set foot in his home from when he banned me to when the first Holy water smashed on my head

Juddin: (Hesu)’ Damaris childer have publicly claimed that you have been waiting for such a moment as an excuse to attack them’ (Hesu) ‘Would you say this is true?’(Lucius)’I don’t see a better reason than avenging my Wife’s death, I didn’t know them well before but when they left the Ferrymen for the CoB I felt they could become a problem’

Juddin: We left the Ferrymen. Stop.

Juddin: Weeks later we hooked up elsewhere, and why shouldnt we?

Juddin: Apart from those two statements the interview with Lucius by Hesu didnt contain much real meat of any sort except a few poor attampts by the Donkey Trainer to try and sound funny / cool / tough. It didn’t intimidate me.

ophelia: I’ve really only one other question left and then I’ll leave you in peace smiles and nods

ophelia: You’ve said that you love Damari and want only the best for her, do you not think that waking up to find those she loves tearing at each other in the city will be of benefit to her?

Juddin: Not at all, and I really didnt want that to be what she woke up to. Amaranthe and I didnt even hit back for the first several days, we just displaced him when we could and took whatever hits were made on the chin and moved on. It was only wen he started being perosnally insulting and showed a definite strategy and planning in his moves that I decided to hit back. He has at least four days of hits and insults on us and his Sires family are doing everything they can to stop me seeing Damari. All I can do is try and show her, when she awakens, that I love her and cared for her in her time of need. It broke my heart to have to hit back like this and I know it will break hers too. But, by the same token, I am not going to be pushed around by a washed out bully boy has been like him. CoBfY!.

Juddin: Lucius reads a Scroll of Turning near you! You resist! Lucius reads a Scroll of Turning near you! You stumble around groggily. Lucius reads a Scroll of Turning near you! You resist! Lucius reads a Scroll of Turning near you! You resist! Lucius reads a Scroll of Turning near you! You resist! Lucius burned you with Holy Water! Lucius reads a Scroll of Turning near you! You resist! Lucius reads a Scroll of Turning near you! You resist! Lucius reads a Scroll of Turning near you! You stumble around groggily. Lucius reads a Scroll of Turning near you! You stumble around groggily. Lucius reads a Scroll of Turning near you! You resist! Lucius reads a Scroll of Turning near you! You stumble around groggily. Lucius reads a Scroll of Turning near you! You stumble around groggily. Lucius reads a Scroll of Turning near you! You stumble around groggily

Juddin: You Burn Lucius with Holy Water Juddin: Lucius turns to powder, which disperses swiftly.

Juddin: 1am catching Lucius live baby, thats what I am talking about…..

And thus our interview was concluded with a thank you from myself. It was riveting that Juddin was able to share with me a live attack that I presume was occuring as we spoke. I dare say he managed quite well speaking to me and at the same time being scrolled and managing to not only displace his intended target but burn Lucius with Holy Water as well, which if you read in the above copies of these attacks, is notable in itself.

~ophelia Lokason

Up next, a brief interview with MiaRaeLyn



Yanno, I can honestly say that I’ve burned several with Holy Water, but it must take a really special breed to Burn them.

shakes head


Yeah baby, and Juddin is just that special breed.


You better check with your Sire when she arises, why she was booted from the Ferry, for you are incorrect in your statement as to what was the final straw that led to her removal. None of it had to do with anything you have stated.

Assumptions are great things to make decisions and declarations over. Keep up the good work.

– Hesu Sanctuary of Immortal Enlightenment Enforcers of Enlightenment Training Ground Institute shadowsshades Lucius- from brother to childer in 30 seconds…


I didn’t actually make comment as to Damaris removal from the Ferrymen in that interview at all. What are you on about?


If you think a ‘typo’ equals a lie, then check Lucius’ blood points. I’m sure it will tell you if Juddin was lying. As for me, I don’t have SS, and yes, I do exist in the city, but my surname is not included here, and based on the ‘Who’s new’ section, I don’t think everyone that’s joined here posts/joins under their full (or real for that matter) name.


Well than how about you provide us with that name.

kaio999 Lord of masks SIE/EoE ~Minas~


Well, considering that I never once mentioned the “L” word, I’ll chalk this up to a guilty conscience being its own accuser. Especially considering your love of anonymity and your raging hard on for Juddin.

Have a nice day!


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The vampire Amaranthe has drunk 1794 pints of blood. (Lost In Shadow) Powers: Second-sight Suction Surprise Perception Celerity(3) Stamina(3) Shadows(3) Thievery(3) Locate(3) Telepathy(3) Charisma(3) Partner-bound with JuddinScire. Location: Steel and 44th


Sir looks a little overwrought and sweaty. Perhaps you could do with a little freshening up? A shave perhaps?

Ravana Your faithful servant


the word inbred comes to mind…

DS }:)

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