The Arsanschis

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The Arsanschis is a gentle flower, with close genetic ties to the Murrzus Ramelium. It is at the head of a rather prolific line of roots, siring many other plants from its seeds. It has alluring orange petals, making it a favourite amongst many collectors for the warmth it radiates.

Imported into RavenBlack City from America a long time ago along with its sister plant (the Naomium), the original chief plant of that family withered and died, leaving the Arsanschis to fend for itself. At first it tended to hide in the City, avoiding people, but more recently it has come out from behind its leaves and interacts more in nature. It is quite a popular plant among many of the gardens in the City, tending to complement the overall picture instead of hogging too much soil for itself.

The Arsanschis is noted for being very loyal to its seeds - if a seed is in distress, the Arsanschis will nurture it until it is ready to sprout itself. Thus the genetic line of Arsanschis keeps growing steadily, becoming a major flower in the City.