Staying Alive

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Grex4d the delivery boy is still hanging in strong. He hasn’t moved on his own since his own clan The Ferrymen initiated attacks on him, followed swiftly by the joint attacks of Clan Capadocious and Heorot. He has however dropped a serious amount of blood and is sitting shockingly thinner than he was. He has rallied quite a contingent to his side, all of them surrounding him in silent support, discouraging, by their presence alone any attackers from stripping even more blood from this unfortunate delivery person. We here at the Grimoire had the chance to visit the scene of this recent squirmish and bring to you a list of those who surround Grex4d, whether supporter, attacker or rubber necking tourist out there to watch the show. This has become the focus of the city and has the hallmarks of a great story.

Lady bondage Hermoine Lesion Vampsaretramps Undone
Ralph Dianacelestina Liski Nyu Lady Somora Lupus Agrestis
FootInMouth Rogancy
Deth Assassin Maesh Deths Moppet Skadi Carpathia Scarletwoman Chainsaw Miranda Dawn
Gabriella Mari Valens Vittirio Canus lopus Lisastrata Nightwalker The Apostle Gypsychild Chiru Jada HellSpawn Liethe Aneres Gmanurex TheVampAries Yenza Jada WhiteLighter spookie Lucifina Corbis820 oOPHYy
MacManus Parthinia bayer13 Gringa
wolfe Cabal

We have to tip our hat at this male who by dint of being attacked for crimes of a Viagra nature can rally such a force of supporters. We do wonder however, where his wife Annabelle is now, as from last reports, she was at his side. She was, it was heard, choosing to stand beside the man she loves and calls husband even though it would mean being surrounded by those who in most part hold ill feelings towards her. So the question now is. If she was there, where is she now and how did she get there? As well as the ever present, when will Grex4d die? If ever?



~closes notebook~ Thankies. Anything to make my job easier ;-)

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Too bad it’s not the full list, then… ;) 8)

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But combined with the other 10, it is enough ;)

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