The blaZebus

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The blaZebus is a strong plant, dark green stems with vibrant blue flowers. Because of its strong contrasts, it can normally be found in the inner circle of most gardens, forming a blue wall around the plants right in the centre.

It is a plant shrouded in mystery - no one knows anything about its roots, since no blaZebus plant has ever been taken alive. As soon as this plant is dug up from the ground, it promptly withers and dies to spite its attackers. For this reason most predators like to give it a wide berth, since there are easier targets for feeding on.

So far the main adversaries of the blaZebus are those of the Capadosia genetics - the hungry plants of that line are often found trying to ensnare unprepared blaZebus plants for further study and dissection, but they do find it difficult to get past all the other plants in the inner circle of the gardens.

The present speculation on the introduction of his plant is that RavenBlack was messing around in his chemical labs after smoking some ophium and watching the Return of Zorro with his friends. This would explain the stubbornness of the plant to survive, and also the strange capital Z when it refers to itself.