Fall of the House of Black-Wolf

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In a month when a number of old institutions have gone to the wall, one of the newer ones has just joined them: the House of Black-Wolf, created by Ravenblack Grimoire founder Madeye and his wife Skye Wolf, closed its doors today. While blood oaths will be honoured and mutual protection assured, the Black-Wolfs will no longer exist as a family unit.

Chiru and Skye Wolf are clearly to be commended for bringing the line this far in the face of Madeye’s hasty and somewhat untimely departure from the city.

With the recent disbandment of the Shadow Court, the clan devised to last forever, and the possible imminent demise of The Ferrymen, it begs the question of what does it take to make an institution that will stand the test of time in this city?


Alex Wolfe

Ask Cap, he seems to be keeping it goin, I mean I bet theres more ppl hating that clan than any other. Even if you cant stand him he keeps a clan running.

Alexander James Wolfe Lord of a Thousand Masks Proud WoE ~persephones fiance~


Would you guys get off the whole “Demise of the Ferrymen” kick? Honestly, just because one great vampire left, that doesn’t mean that the whole clan is going to fall apart. Vampires and their predictions.

InuYasha The Ferrymen - Hypaspist Order of the Sword


So it’s about still going, and not success? Interesting…