The Ferrymen In Turmoil

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In a move that is bound to rock the foundations of the The Ferrymen, it seems that Annabelle, Lady in White of The Ferrymen has stepped down and stepped out of the clan she used to lead.

It seems she has chosen love and who can blame her. It seems the last straw to break this camel’s back was that of her own clan attacking her husband. She has never publicly denounced the actions of the clan she used to lead. But we would hazard a guess that this act of leaving leads us to believe that things are not all roses in those particular clan halls.

Could this be the eventual downfall of The Ferrymen. Are we going to see yet another long lived clan fall prey to internal struggles to survive and keep afloat amidst the tides of change? It would seem the future of this clan may well be up for debate.

Who now will fill this now vacant spot on The Ferryman’s Inner Council? Will the loud and brash Damari step up to the plate? Or will the clan choose some lesser known clan member to become a part of this leading threesome. Or will the clan just fold up and close its doors as we’ve seen with Clan Archangel and Church of Blood?

There is no predicting the vagaries of this city. You can be sure we here at the Grimoire will yet again watch the situation closely and when we know, be sure that you, our dedicated readers, will know.

But the question still remains unanswered. Will Grex4d die? With the changes within The Ferrymen leadership, this now seems up for debate as well.



The Ferrymen have lost greater leaders than me in the past and have survived, grown from it even. Anyone who thinks that one member may break who they are would certainly be underestimating their inner strength.

Annabelle Lady in White Grex4d’s


Well said dearest Anna. You will be greatly missed, but the Ferry will continue. We have always been the sum of our parts. You have led us through good times and bad, and I will forever consider you among our greatest leaders. Be well darling.

~On-da-g~ ~Oracle~ The Ferrymen


You will always be known as our Lady In White and we want you to be happy.

The Ferrymen will go on, as we have always done, as we will keep doing. And we’ll be just a little bit wiser for what you brought to us as our leader.

Fare thee well Bella, may the wind always be at your back.

 Damari   ~The Ferrymen~ Épouse de Lucius