The Belzebamus

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The Belzebamus is a most prickly cactus, green and spiky in all the wrong bits. An offshoot of the Arsanschis and the Murrzus Ramelium, it exhibits many of the same characteristics as its genetic parents.

It grows best in Holy Water, and tends to secrete much of this Holy Water in its veins and leaves, which it then uses as a defensive mechanism when attacked by the vampiric denizens of RavenBlack City. It has a short temper, and likes poking other plants with its spiky bits. A favourite target is the Damlia Morgus, another plant from the same genetics.

The plant is mainly European, produced in the United Kingdom, and brought into RavenBlack City by the God RavenBlack himself around 432 years ago when the God realised his palace lacked in greenery.

The plant Belzebamus is a Shrubbery Royal in the City itself.