Rodargo Challenges Delivery Boy

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In a rather bizarre twist it seems the son of Lucius has challenged the son of spookie to a duel. It seems that Rodargo has had enough, enough of the snipping back and forth, enough of Grex4d sitting on the street, enough of familial insults, enough of jello shots and baked beans for breakfast, enough of this whole issue and wants to deal with this mano a mano.

Now it’s Grex4d’s family’s turn to vociferously object to this new spin of the wheel. It seems they want Rodargo to back off and don’t feel that Grex4d should have to fight a duel at all. And considering how much blood Grex4d has lost in this effort it seems they are partially correct in the outcry, although statistically he’d have a better chance of coming out of a duel alive than against three clans with holy water.

It could be argued though, that a one on one affair to the death would be a fitting end to this dance, narrowing down the participants to the perpetrator and a representative from The Ferrymen, as opposed to the perpetrator and three clans all vying for his death. The only problem with that, is it seems that many have issue with Grex not just, as it has been reported earlier, Damari or Lucius and the Viagra caper and these others seem to want their piece of Grex too. It certainly remains to be seen if the challenge will be taken up by Grex4d or if he will continue to hold his public silence about the issue.

As ever this city will always have something to keep you, our loyal readers constantly interested at the antics of its citizens.



Which directly translates as “hand and hand”. The original saying was also most likely “mano a mano” which directly translated would mean “hand to hand”. However, the mano is the equivalent of calling someone “bro” and is most likely a shortened version of “hermano” which means “man”. Thus “man to man” in English. Do the Editors ever research anything around here or, do they just gibber from the mouth?


To be accurate to translation I believe Hand to Hand should be correctly written as Mano a la Mano. Since we are talking about loosely translated colloquialism, in which dialect slang has been used to indicate not the specific but the intended. Then what is intended here is Man to Man. Using the slang of Hermano and dropping the ‘la’ of a more formal translation.

What I will concede is that this slang is a butchering of the Spanish language which has been introduced into the modern English lexicon and in that context it can be construed as obscene. Not incorrect by my usage of it, but certainly not a politically correct usage of a more purist nature. This paper makes no bones about the fact that it is certainly not politically correct.

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