The ophium

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The ophium is an outwardly nice plant, concealing evil machinations beneath. Imported from the opium fields of America, the ophium is a slightly enhanced drug. It is rumoured that opium mixed with a vampire’s blood creates the ophium species.

It is a rather deadly plant - it stings those who try to prey upon it, and has a nasty habit of stabbing others with its sharp stem. Its closest family by genetics are the af Gyllustriennia plants, of which it is high up the chain. It has been rooted in several of the main parks within the City, and recently has helped in the construction of a new park with an almost unpronounceable name.

The ophium has been around for a long time in the City, although its origins are speculated about - some say RavenBlack liked its scent, others say that RavenBlack was an ophium smuggler, and yet more say that RavenBlack just liked to smoke a good ophium cigar after his evening meal.