The Sephony Larkspur

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The Sephony Larkspur is a favourite plant of widows - gentle and unassuming, with a slightly sorrowful appearance. It has a light fragrance, along with light blue-green leaves.

Originally imported from Canada by some wealthy bankers, it has grown in popularity, until it was a common import brought in by the ferries at the docks. However, after some internal problems within the Union of the Ferrymen of RavenBlack City Association, imports of the Sephony Larkspur have stopped for just now.

The Sephony Larkspur has been popular when planted alongside the Sartoueramus in public gardens, the two plants thriving well in the same soil. However, scientists are currently studying how well the two plants develop when separated, and the results are as yet inconclusive… Suffice it to say that for the foreseeable future, these two flowers will be kept apart for the scientific benefit of mankind. Preliminary results suggest that the Sephony Larkspur seems quite resistant to transplants, and tends to thrive best in gardens shaded by other plants as opposed to growing in broad daylight.