The obsidueram

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The obsidueram plant is a delicate flower, also nicknamed the “Angel Flower” for the intriguing wing shape of its petals. These petals are white and large, and are actually a tasty type of herb for adding to casseroles.

The plant has been present since almost the start of the City. Some people say it grew here naturally, others say it bloomed one night under a particularly large star sent from the heavens, but the newest rumour is that a mad scientist dropped some fluorescent purple liquids on the ground by accident and formed a new species.

The obsidueram used to only grow in shadowed gardens - in fact was one of the main flowers to grow there. However, it started to become more picky about where it grew, and although it did its best to stick to its natural habitat it eventually migrated to the wild. In recent times though it has started making a comeback into the City, and the place with the largest concentration of this flower is the well kept gardens around the Heavens Gate town house.

It has a soft and pleasant smell, and the stem makes ideal substitute coffee.