The Power Behind the Queen

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The House of Heorot also known as HoH… Run by the Queen herself AQelDroma as well as her Second In Command, Pandrora. A nortoriously evil place the Kingdom may be. Recent word on the street is that they are recruiting once again. In fact, known “associates” of clan members of other clans have received the call, directly from the Queen herself. Former Ferrymen, former Cap Clansmen now call this place home. Taking members from their own allies… what might this imply?

This large and powerful clan is at the apex of the Cap/Ferry alliance. Its massive size, power and battle skills easily dwarf their contingent of allied cabal, who appear to always be running along behind them, waving their arms and attempting to gain some sort of recognition for their notable triumphs.

There are few clans that can match HoH in size, let alone in guile, planning and power. With their little satellite of allies they really appear to be able to over power anything out there.

What are they up to? Recruiting through the city with enthusiastic vehemence. If they gain any further in size… will there be any question who rules this place? If they crush the city into submission, will this lead to the inevitable crowning of Capadocious?

Power in the city moves through the dark night like a black viper stalking out his prey. The victims never know if they may be the vipers next meal and often, do not realize that it may be them, until it is too late.



Wonders how one becomes a Harlot


Rolls on the floor laughing his ass off