The Archisium

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The Archisium is a notorious weed, (in)famous for attempting to remove a garden from the City without RavenBlack’s permission, but still sending out sub-weeds to infest other areas. It started off as a white flower, but a couple of times in history it has developed a rosy pink shine to its leaves.

Quite possibly the oldest weed in the City, this species has all the subtlety of a Redwood tree falling on a house. Studies have shown that if you leave a floret of Archisium in a bowl of water without other seeds, it gets delusions of grandeur and attempts to take over the City. It has quite a noxious smell, especially during this period, and its seeds contain a highly toxic substance.

It is not all bad however - scientists in the Capadocian Castle have found that the Archisium makes a great tool for curing stuff. Quite what this stuff is has yet to be determined, but all the eminent people fully agree that the Archisium is a big tool.

These days the Archisium can be found in the gardens around the Capadocian Castle, being carefully cultivated by the teachers in their Dojo.



Oh, this one made me laugh, I liked it a lot. Nice work! I really, really love these. claps

Jauk Lokason Kreacher’s Scamp Ladywulfe’s Blood Sister –> Yggdrasil


I have planted the Archisium seeds near a trellis on the northern arch to my domain. The prevailing southerly winds have wafted the noxious fumes towards the neighbor who had previously objected to my late night orgies, thus averting further confrontations. I highly recommend the spiritual qualities of this avoricious herbavore.

Lou, Editor of Zoyshia Grass and other Irradicable Scourges