Scions of the Phoenix Rise out of Seraphim’s Flames

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According to Murzz Ramirez ó Cionaoith, the recently exiled members of Clan Seraphim and their followers have opened the doors to their new home, the Scions of the Phoenix. Unlike Seraphim, the new clan will be chaotic in nature. The clan structure has been created and leadership positions are currently being filled.

The staff at the Grimoire wish the Scions the best of luck.


Alex Wolfe

woohoo another splinter clan Angels of Darkness and Scions of the Phoenix this is getting interesting. I wonder how these will matter to the politics of the city. I also notice that there coming from the smaller clans and not Capadocious (which split into Ferryman, Shadow Court etc.) and the other larger clans like they used to. I wonder what this could lead to and I wonder how Cap is looking at it.

Alex Wolfe

P.S. Cool name very appropriate

Lord BubbleKnight

…SotP came from Seraphim which, in turn, came from Archangel Clan. So I wouldn’t say they didn’t come from a bigger clan. Archangel, at some point in time, was a big freakin’ clan, although many people doesn’t remember it anymore.

Ahhh… the old days of the City…

Lord BubbleKnight Lord of the Orbenoir Dynasty Lovin’ husband to morganna :) Death Dealer of the Capadocious Clan