A History

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A wealthy daughter of a land owner, she was unsuspecting of what laid in store for her. She saw a cute kitten walk down an alleyway, and within a matter of moments, everything had changed. Her skin had paled and she could no longer stand sunlight. She never returned to her home, but instead, she lurked the streets looking for money from random people on the streets. The pale people who she now resembled did not have anything for her, but her former friends called “humans,” who did not recognize her, dropped their money and ran.

While on a midnight stroll, she ran into a vampire by the name of Sidereus. He was handsome, powerful, and peaceful. He talked with her and showed her the way to gain new powers that would enable her to find a new place to live and earn respect in her new community.

She liked his company, and through time, she developed a sense of affection and love for him. Sidereus and Diadema love each other deeply, and meeting randomly within Ravenblack, they created a place for the two of them to meet and enjoy each other’s company.