Through The Looking Glass: Pride and Passion

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I’ve been sitting here for days trying to find just the right things to say, and over complicating it to some degree..

You see, I wanted to tell you all about one particular vampire, and in doing so I wanted to bring to you all a bit of her history. Were I to have carried on fully in this endeavor, I would tell you about a wide eyed child with solemn brown eyes born into a time and city where things were difficult at best for the less fortunate.

The tale would continue into the time in which she had to grow up far too fast and take on the responsibilities of an adult, forsaking a true childhood. I would tell you of her love of music and the joy it brought to her. I would tell of her job in a diner where she worked her way from dishwasher to waitress and that between work and night classes there was little time for frivolity, but she carried on with no complaint. I could tell you of the night she was turned by a mysterious stranger that had always been kind to her when he ventured into the diner and the subsequent years she’d spent with him learning the ways of her new world.

All of these things shaped who she is today, much like all of our pasts have done. Somewhere in the heart of Ravenblack is a vampire that has had an effect on everyone she has touched, whether or not she realizes it. Not knowing her as well as many others, I can still say with honesty that I believe she will continue to do so as time marches past, its ever present beat dictating who will go and who will remain within the confines of our fair city.

She stumbled into Ravenblack hot on the heels of the hunter she believed killed her Sire. It took some time for her to actually start living in Ravenblack rather than just surviving the night to night wanderings of feeding and finding vagrant shelter from the sun. But this vampire was a fighter, and hard work was nothing new to her. To this night, still it is nothing new to her. Eventually she chose to look for a more permanent home and stumbled onto the Forge, a school for Clan Archangel.

With her usual aplomb she worked hard, but clashed with the leader who was, in her own words, some overstuffed pimple that thought she was far more intelligent that was proved. Having had enough, Asmia moved on shortly after arriving.

It was some months later that she found the Shadows school, the gateway to the League of Shadow Demons. Unlike the previous school, she completed this program. The Shadows taught her nearly everything she needed to know about how the city worked, the powers she could develop with training, and the politics that were the primary undercurrent of everything. After graduating, she applied to their intel department. Though it was relatively dead in there, she followed the program set. Hunters still held a great interest to her and she chased them, finding satisfaction in the hunt and kill. Over time, things within the clan began to shift, vampires began to leave and she grew disenchanted.

And so this story takes another turn.

A few months down the road, she left to join the newly formed Republic of Ravenblack. With time and more hard work, she became the Ducere of Cordiality. Within a year’s time, she became the clan’s Scourge, which was on the clan’s Praetory Level (second in command equivalent) where her duties also included disciplinary action.

This is no small fete for any vampire, to be given the duties of interpersonal clan relationships is a position that not many, and in some cases not even a clan leader, is capable of handling. But handle it she did. It is then that she began to form the relationship with her beloved wife that she has today.

I took a moment to ask others about Asmia, wanting to find out how they viewed her. Not knowing her as well as I liked, I was curious to see what others would say. What I was met with is, based on what I’ve seen, no great surprise.

She is tough and stoic and whip smart. She’s a smoldering flame of desire that absorbs everything she sees and hears and simply waits. She’s loyal and giving and patient, and often times kind at heart to those that need it, and to those that deserves it. She carries herself with a quiet pride, and gives of herself with a selfless passion at times. She is a rock to the ones that love her, most especially her wife. And…she’s HAWT hawt hawt waves around the pink crayon permission slip

It is a rare thing in this city to meet a vampire that has such steadfast loyalty, dignity, pride and heart. Those that are jaded and wasted away by the undercurrent of betrayal and disloyalty in the city may well find it difficult to believe there are vampires such as that existing amongst their own kind. I will name one.


This is by no means her entire story, some things are best left to self discovery. But now you know….

Part of the Story.

Good luck to you dear Lady on the new adventures that await you in the arms of your beloved.

Oh..and watch out for the emo froot bat brigade!



To know Asmia is an unforgettable ride… I’ve sat with her at meetings, enjoying her wit and wisdom; been both hugged and scourged by her (hey, no one’s perfect), and benefited from the wisdom of her experiences on a journey few have traveled. All I can say now, is Thank you…


reads the paper, folds it up, sticks it under my arm, and walks away with an ego-filled smile


Seyda described Asmia to me as being Enigmatic, with always more wonders to discover.. smiles …such a beautiful testimony to her beloved. Seyda, since we first started talking, has been helpful, generous, funny and smart… the finest qualities. She has my utmost respect. I will miss her dearly as Consul in RoR, but I also trust her judgement and faith in Nitenurse. smiles

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