Dear Lucius

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Dear Lucius,

It is a rare thing that I decide to address you. This however is one of those times.

I am speaking of the clans that have after years, “disappeared” from the city. First Archangel said he dissolved the clan Archangel. To put it bluntly I don’t believe a word of it. I know Archangel well enough to know that he would spend months having the city believe that only to come out from hiding and try to kick ass when he does. The only thing is that Archangel has lost what ever he had to gather vampires to him and have them blindly follow.

Then the CoB dissolved. Internal problems were supposedly the cause. I doubt that many that have been around long actually believed it to start with, but as time went by they slowly accepted it.

Now The Shadow Court is no more? I find myself forced to ask just how gullible this city is. Am I the only one that thought about this? The CoB leaves the city, a few months later a clan that sided with them in EVERY major war leaves too. Is this happenstance? I say NO! Either both the CoB and the SC will come back to the city when they please with an Iron Clad alliance, or the two clans will merge into one. Either way, when they re-emerge to the city, they will be ready to kick ass and take names and the rest of the city and its clans had damn well better be ready.

All I would point out is that in months to come, when this pans out, you remember my words and warning to the city about all 3 clans, even though I don’t believe that Archangel has enough charisma left to do what he wants.

BloodGod With Mistress Dark Minion of the Dominion Crazyinblack’s Personal Protector

Dear BloodGood,

Well, that’s a conspiracy theory to rival the faked Apollo moon landing. Did you know that in the early 90’s, the military undertook highly covert research into ways of conducting postal warfare through a project called Anus Cloning Program (ACP)? Allegedly, they removed several anuses from subvampires swamp-dwelling residents of the RavenBlack city area and genetically engineered them to grow fingers. These mutant anuses were supposed to be released into a controlled writing environment with several thousand pens all with postal access where they would unleash their crap upon mailboxes. The program was discontinued due to budget cutbacks and the exorbitant costs of toilet paper. Unfortunately, several of these writing anuses escaped the controlled environment. I suspect that such escapee has contaminated you. I could be wrong, but the Pope is more likely to convert to Judaism.

I hope this helps,

~Lucius The Chaosophist Solves all your problems instantly - or your money back!



I thought I was the only one who knew of this! =))