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Hair can be a problem for the stylish vampire. It’s not always easy to be stuck forever with the same haircut you had the day you ‘died’. To wake up every night with the same unchanged hair and nails is part of the doom ‘ or the blessing ‘ of being frozen in time. A blessing that spares you from the incompetence of this talkative hair parasite whose fingernails shine with a manicured vulgarity, and fiddles with your head with his ringed paws, while talking nonsense behind your back, the hairdresser. Nonetheless, a new haircut, even for a night, can make up for a refreshing luxury and break the monotony of an endless life.

To Damari, who asked me recently if I’d love her more with shorter hair, I answered this:

‘First, I can’t love you more. Secondly, you’re never more ravishing than when coming out of the sea, your body shining with clear water, and your hair stuck with salt and spray, ready for the most tremendous embraces: those that leave you, my love, dishevelled.’

~Lucius The Chaosophist



I had my highlights done and styled with long layers then. I pity those that got the 80’s flip before they were turned. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeewww.. stuck with 80’s hair for an ETERNITY !!

gives her husband a slow sultry smile Hrmmm mmmm….

Magister Damari ~The Ferrymen~ Épouse de Lucius


Perhaps madam would like her eye brows plucked? __ Ravana


It is a good thing you have a natural born class, my love. ;)


But I think I’ll pass, maybe another time hrmmm?

Magister Damari ~The Ferrymen~ Épouse de Lucius