Trouble in the T-Zone

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In a light-hearted aside to all the recent warring, Lucius, High Priest of Lies and esteemed Ferryman leader, lost some vital facial hair to a relative unknown from the Gyllenstierna bloodline. Newcomer Ravana fooled the city elder into believing he was an accomplished barber, but instead of shaving his beard removed Lucius’ eyebrows. Unconfirmed reports suggested that a bet of some kind was involved. Rumours have been circulating that the eyebrows are now in the possession of nemesis_wings, an accomplished voodoo practitioner.

While Ravana did display an in depth knowledge of hair cutting, it is debatable whether the High Priest was wise to let a childe of Ophelia anywhere near him with a sharp implement. Little is known about this Ravana character, except that he is very old and was once spotted meditating naked on a table in Obsidian’s new pub, the Angel’s Wing.

Late breaking news: In a welcome development for fight fans, it seems that this matter has now gone to fisticuffs. Unusually for a potential duel, there has been more holy water thrown than hot air blown. Watch this space for further developments.



Let the children with sharp implements come to me… smiles


Correction- ophelia is his sire, not Ophelia. They are different.

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