Seraphim Falls & Talks of a Ceasefire

1 minute read

In what can only be seen as a bloody slaughter towards the end Clan Capdocious, the Heorotians and The Ferrymen have managed to completely annihilate their adversaries.

In a final sprint to the end ilovepi, Anton Dameon, belzebub, Damia, Arsanga and Murrz Ramirez were all killed in what was apparently a bloody battle spanning the streets of Ravenblack City. Damia asking Damari of the Ferrymen for a quick death and the rest falling one after the other. By this time Yggdrasil had already formally left the fight and Avigon had fallen into shadows with nary a word.

Rykoth and Altania have also left Clan Seraphim choosing not to be numbered among this now fallen clan.

It is rumoured that discussion are underway between these four clans for a ceasefire between all involved and we await the outcome of these discussions, speculation abound concerning the contents of such.

For a war, it was by all accounts a fairly bloody one. Each side taking hits, although, Seraphim in the end taking the most body blows in their ranks towards the end. All fought bravely, or chose not to fight at all, as the case may be. But all things considered, it was fought, it was fought well and there was a victor. For a war, who could ask for more.