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I will not let my Childer use my name as a weapon against one another, I will not tolerate any lie spoken by my own in my name, especially when it is threatening the very foundations of my legacy. Therefore I will have no mercy and will not hesitate to spill my own blood to clean the place.

“Your link with Vella has been severed.”

~Lucius First Official Slayer First Official Duelist Former Capadocian leader Founder of the Ferrymen Founder of the Temple of Lies Co-Founder of the Amici Noctis Co-Founder of the Shadow Court Enforcer of Enlightenment Husband of Damari Childer in crime of Hesu Sire of the Elite Blood Deity Omniscient silent observer Loathed and loved by many

The rest is silence.



Thank you very much. You know only what you’ve been told. I don’t know to this day what is going on or what you’re rattling about. You didn’t bother to speak to me at all.

Being your childer was not an easy stint. How I regret that I was loyal to you at all. I now see you how much of the city does. You are easily led and guided and that is hard to respect. If you think you have hurt me, you are much mistaken.

Vella Devlin