Shadow Court Name Chancellors

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The Shadow Court today named their new Chancellors as CHASS, Em and Obsidian. Although there has been much speculation about Obsidian’s role, the other two were not part of the recent frenzy of speculation.

It is clear that this is a new beginning for the Shadow Court. As the bulk of the appointments are drawn from Clan des Vengeurs, this leadership team lacks the balance of the old. The scale of their task is not to be underestimated, the previous incumbents having guaranteed themselves legendary status with their outstanding stewardship of the city’s most powerful clan.



I’d have thought TIC would have something to say about that last sentence no?? :-P



“The bulk” of three appointments is two. How unbalanced is it really, considering there were only three appointments to make?

“Previous incumbents” refers to those who were going for reappointment before this round of appointments?

Madeye, would you like a copy editor?

Gringa Clan Seraphim Ameily’s other half

Viva Seraphim!


Previous: Going before in time or order

Incumbent: the holder of an office or ecclesiastical benefice.

Incumbency: The quality or state of being incumbent; the sphere of action or period of office of an incumbent.

Taken from Merriam Webster Dictionary.

With all due respect, before you start picking apart a particular bit, consult a dictionary at the very least before you make negative commentary. They work wonders. And bulk, as well, would be the appropriate term, as two of the three came from one singular place, and there are multiple houses within the Shadow Court.

And though I am doing it privately, since no one has the manners to do little more than nit pick the editor who busts his ass :P to bring you all information new or old, I’ll do it here.

obsidian, CHASS, Em..congratulations!! The SC chose well.

~ophelia af Gyllenstierna Previous Incumbent –that means I USED to hold the office of Chancellor ergo…former Chancellor of the Shadow Court



With all due respect, I was merely suggesting that the language used in the piece was a bit overblown, not that Madeye is deficient nor negligent. He surely does us all a great service, but I contend that those two usage issues might be taken into account for further stories. I was definitely not detracting from the content, timeliness, or value of the article. I send my congratulations and best wishes to the newly appointed Chancellors of the Shadow Court.

As to the usage in question, incumbent in context refers to the holder of an office defending his position. “Previous incumbent” can very easily be taken to mean the incumbent before the current incumbent - the previous holder of the office being defended and contested. In this case, “incumbent” is satisfactory, “previous” unneccesary. Perhaps incumbent should not have been used at all in the context for clarity’s sake. “Previous incumbent” sounds a bit awkward, doesn’t it?

From the same Merriam-Webster Dictionary you cite in your previous post, “BULK implies an aggregate that is impressively large, heavy, or numerous ." Two of three is a majority, not quite a "bulk."

Please consider modern usage, as dictionaries often do not account for contextual nuances of the English language.

Respectfully yours, Gringa Clan Seraphim Ameily’s other half

Viva Seraphim!


The definition of bulk as found in many places is also; the main or greater part of something. Ergo, the bulk of the new Chancellors have come from CdV which could also be said as the main or greater part of the elected Chancellors have come from CdV, while allowing that majority is a prettier word for the same thing.

Again, previous incumbents means just that. Those who have held the position in the past. One might not necessarily like that particular description, however, it is still accurate enough for the general public.

I thank you kindly for taking the time to explain your commentary, as you did not have to. bows

In the end, it is simply semantics is it not.

~ophelia af Gyllenstierna


The important thing about the article is that it is factually correct, TiC notwithstanding. The meaning is clear from reading it. I will confess the the prose is a little overwrought, but some days you just don’t feel like writing.

That’s the problem with writing about news: you have to write the piece whether you feel like it or not. And I really didn’t feel like it yesterday, as the news broke just as I was heading out the door on a big night out.

Gringa, I have no need for a copy editor, but if you wish to submit me news articles free from semantic ambiguity I will certainly consider them for publication.


Maybe they should have a great big battle and establish once and for all who’s got the hardest ass in town?

Lord BubbleKnight

…but I’m pretty sure one some people in the CdV have got very firm asses… hehehehe… winks at… :P

Anyway, between you and me, I’m pretty sure a good battle would liven up the city a little… maybe we should look for one?

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Well, I am sure flirting with a Chancellor’s wife might get do the trick nicely :D


meanders over and stabs Madeye when he’s not looking :P


Bubbles, quit dreaming bout my ass…. ;)

Thank you to all of those who offered their congratulations.. whether here or elswhere..

rubs hand together and laughs maniacally

Its all a part of my evil plan to take over the City… winks at Bubbles We’ll see who gets there first…

Now I must go seduce What The with TimTams…

obsidian the angel ;) Clan des Vengeurs Chancellor of the Shadow Court

Lord BubbleKnight

Where, where? looks around Who, me? Not even in my dreams!!! But that competition about a takeover of the city… I like that idea, blue angel of death… Wanna meet for discussion?

goes off to dream with some angel asscoughests…

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Lord BubbleKnight

…a single name, Lady obsidian. I wonder why did you think I meant your nice lil rounde… ehem, I say, why I was thinking about you in my last comment… :?

whistles innocently Who gets first? Sounds fine to me… }:)

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