Interview with Sartori

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Sartori: looks at your status and bats his eyelashes Ladywulfe: lol!!! Ladywulfe: hey you! Sartori: laughs Ladywulfe: so you ready for me Sartori: if you’re ready for me Sartori: be forewarned…. am in a rather random mood… Ladywulfe: ok give me 3 more minutes as I hand out party invitations and then I will be all yours! Sartori: laughs Ladywulfe: Goodie I like to have fun! Sartori: no probs hun Sartori: haha! Sartori: good stuff Ladywulfe: heh heh Ladywulfe: Ok I am done! Sartori: Ladywulfe: SIE is having a MardiGras party if you and persophone want to attend! Sartori: me and who? Ladywulfe: did I spell it wrong, shit Sartori: Persephony lol Sartori: persephone is someone totally different Ladywulfe: Ok yea ffs! Ladywulfe: Ohh hell! I am so sorry!! Ladywulfe: Really I am not a dork…but now I will have to prove it! Ladywulfe: Sartori: laughs Sartori: meh, i like dorks, dorks are fun, and of the good Ladywulfe: * snerk* Ladywulfe: LOL Ladywulfe: ok here we go! Ladywulfe: Have you heard of me before I came to you for this interview? Ladywulfe: chants please say yes Sartori: yeah, seen ya round the halls, you’ve invited me to a SIE party before Ladywulfe: okies whew Yay for me! Ladywulfe: now to the serious Ladywulfe: What or who brought you to RBC? disappeared breifly Ladywulfe: well.. jinkies scoob Sartori: gahh! Sartori: bastard yahoo Ladywulfe: I knew it Ladywulfe: booted ya good eh? Sartori: yeah, good and proper… the git Ladywulfe: sore behind I suppose… Ladywulfe: Ok I will ask again Ladywulfe: What or who brought you to RBC? Sartori: well, my very first original sire was Lathander, when i awoke in the city, i’d already been sired by him, and left to fend for myself Ladywulfe: ok, well I have never heard of him , is he still in the city, do you know? Sartori: he is, but he lost his mind, he doesn’t do much of anything other than run around biting these days Ladywulfe: poor soul I have heard that happen too much… Sartori: ooc - the original human gave up and left it to someone that doesn’t RP lol Ladywulfe: How long has Sartori been in RBC? Sartori: just over 3 years? since Caps second rule, when the Shadow Court first started Ladywulfe: wow, thats a while.. I still feel wet behind the ears Sartori: awww, i thought you were rather middle aged like myself… lol Ladywulfe: nope I’m 11 months in the city Sartori: really!? Sartori: thought you’d been here about 2 years… lol Sartori: : Ladywulfe: yes .. true.. I don’t lie.. well I try nor too! Sartori: :-?? Ladywulfe: LOL Ladywulfe: nope I guess I am still a n00b Ladywulfe: but I am changing that Ladywulfe: Who was the first vampire you met in the city? Sartori: i honestly can’t remember… lol Ladywulfe: LOL, well that just means no one left you a lasting impression! Such a shame! Sartori: i know non of them are still around, they were all nooblets i met in the SC dojo, but they all left pretty quick Ladywulfe: Ah I see! Ladywulfe: Is there anyone who directly influenced Sartori once he was in the city a while? Sartori: two people, Kreacher, and Cap…. Kreacher, because it was through the friendly neighbourhood Kreacher that I got all the war gossip, and Cap, because well, i developed an obsession Ladywulfe: lol! Ladywulfe: What was your first clan? Sartori: Shadow Court… first place i started was the old abyss board, and it had a big thing of clans, who did what etc, i liked the sound of the Court, looked into it, and signed up in the dojo Ladywulfe: awesome.. was Sade in there with you then? Just wondering Sartori: might have been lol Ladywulfe: lol ok Sartori: only people i remember from there were blaZe, Kreacher and nems Ladywulfe: have you been in any other clans? Ladywulfe: Ohh cool Ladywulfe: they’re on my list too eg Sartori: yeah, i was only in the Court for about 2 months… i became slightly obsessed with Cap, hearing all the stories of the wars and what it was like when they ruled the city, i wanted to know more, what Cap himself was like, what everyone thought of him personally, what it was that made everyone follow him with such zeal… Sartori: i was soon removed as a liability, i was growing too fond of the idea of the Capadocians, and i was in the clan they rivaled lol Sartori: they obviously didnt wanna take the risk, and kicked me out Ladywulfe: Ohh wow! Sartori: a few months later, after the war had finished, Cap was laid waste and Cap himself had left the city, i looked Clan Cap up afterall, and joined their dojo, where my unlife really started Ladywulfe: So are you and Cap still tight? Sartori: kinda, i still think of him as my father, and close friend… we’d helped each other through alot of issues not just with the clan, but personal stuff too in the 2 years i was a Cap, but because of the way and reasons in which i took my final leave of Cap, things are slightly akward between us at times lol Ladywulfe: lol Ladywulfe: What wars have you been in? Sartori: heh, all of them since early 2004? lol mid 2004 i stared in the CoB + SC vs Cap war, died twice then, killed by Heimdag nods had a hellish live fight with a load of CoBers, started my obsession with dueling after kicking their ass lol er… late 2004 we almost went to war with the KoH, but that was put to a halt when Cap suddenly married AQel, then start of 2005 we had the huge frey with the CoB, SC and TIC, died twice then too, only one live fight, but i kicked ass then so its all good…. thats actually all the “clan” wars i’ve been involved with i think… Ladywulfe: Wow you sure have . I guess thats why it was easy for you to step up to BG and challenge him, which by the way as much as he ran his mouth I thought for sure hes take you up on it Sartori: i did too, but his tactic of “talk big, accept the duel with Sartori then ignore his PMs and emails” is working a treat Ladywulfe: ohh Pffft Ladywulfe: I was hoping to see you kick.. well you know Sartori: and now that he’s back in deep shadows no doubt he’ll start posting again lol Ladywulfe: of course … cowardly even as new as I am I am not afraid to be zeroed.. Bring it on I say! Ladywulfe: Who are some famous vampires you helped zero /or zeroed yourself? Sartori: hmm, yer testing the memory on that one Ladywulfe: well if you could name a proud few Ladywulfe: Sartori: CG Dragonfly, Avigon, Madeye, Morte Rosa, they were hits with the Splinters, in Cap, now that ya mention it, i dont think that i was actually in any of the parties finishing anyone off Sartori: i blame the time-zone nods Ladywulfe: LOL you got Madeye Ladywulfe: ha!!! Ladywulfe: How funny Ladywulfe: This interview with your permission will be placed on his Grimoire site Sartori: Ladywulfe: hehe Sartori: is that his newspaper thing? Sartori: with the “dear Lucius” colomn lol Sartori: i love that thing Sartori: just logged into the old records, i’ve killed my wife twice Ladywulfe: yes well I started this as a way to get to knw the greats, but when I told madeye, he thought it would be great for the city to read them Ladywulfe: LOL Ladywulfe: So how long have you and Persephony been bound? Sartori: ack, sorry if replies are slow, organising a duel with the kids lol Ladywulfe: LOl its ok, take your time Sartori: bound since late november, together since the back-end of last summer Sartori: start of september is when it all kicked off Ladywulfe: awww how sweet! Ladywulfe: any childer between you? Sartori: well, not “between” us lol Sartori: she hates the idea of being a mother Sartori: and when my childer call her mommy they get a good kicking Ladywulfe: eeks! well than I will be sure not to ask her that when I interview her in the future! Ladywulfe: LOL! Ladywulfe: hahahah! Ladywulfe: Who have you been bound with anyone other then who you are with now? Sartori: weeeeeell…. i’ve had a few love interests…. want me to go into it all? or just the really serious ones lol Ladywulfe: tell me what you every YOU like Ladywulfe: this is about you Ladywulfe: ;;) Sartori: Ladywulfe: LMAO Sartori: ok… but i can talk for england Ladywulfe: I knew I would be laughing in this interview Sartori: hahaha! glad i could entertain ya Ladywulfe: HAHA! Then voice in shorthand lol Sartori: laughs Sartori: ok ok ok Ladywulfe: snickers Sartori: first love interest i had was Bellina, who was my mentor in the Capadocian Dojo, sometime mid 2004ish, but things were complicated… although i loved her, and she loved me, and we both knew it, she was already with someone… who was never around, and was miserable (if you’re reading this Vrathe, i love ya really, but yer a putz) So long story short, things were long and drawn out… things started happening and Bell and i got reeeally close, eventually the entire dojo knew it, and when i graduated into the main clan pretty much everyone other than Vrathe knew the score. Things got hairy, Mav, my best bud at the time (still love ya loads babes) had a huge fight with Callisto and left the clan… soon after, Bell went with. Sartori: I felt… rejected, and then when Cap told me they’d left for the CoB, i felt wounded, and betrayed. Ladywulfe: Awww I’m so sorry Sartori! Sartori: Cap helped me through it, tried to convince me that i should just get over it, “you could have any woman in the clan” he’d tell me, “dont want anyone else” i’d say… then, as it has a way of doing, that love turned to hate, “why’d they do this to us, why’d they do this to me?” etc etc Ladywulfe: sure, how fortunate that you now have Persephony Sartori: So, less than a week after they’d left, i left too… with the intention of living in the CoB sanctuary with Mav and Bell until they got into the CoB…. where i’d go too… So, i sorted it with Cap, told him what i’d be doing and how i’d be doing it, we acted it all out, i left the clan, he and everyone called me worse than shit, not knowing i was taking the first steps of the path of betrayal i’d be stuck on for another year or more Sartori: it went well, Mav and Bell got me into the Sanctuary without a problem, had some laughs, stole some of Shikons clothes… a very nice emerald robe to be precise…. and the day came when Heimdag said he was looking for CoB applicants Ladywulfe: Ugh how awful! Ladywulfe: LOL Ladywulfe: You stole from Shikon.. I ‘d say you live dangerously!! Sartori: she was nice to people in those days Sartori: we applied to the CoB, i reported to Cap telling him so, and he cocked up, told Ephiny, who blabbed, and I was thrown out, so ends the chapter of Sartori and Bellina volume 1 lol Ladywulfe: LOL (hard to believe) Sartori: Ladywulfe: So, what vampire would you say you look up to the most? Sartori: look up to? hmm… 2004, twas Mav, 2005, Cap, 2006… me? lol Ladywulfe: LOL!! Ladywulfe: Well you can look up to yourself!! I can accept that! Ladywulfe: Sartori: hahahaha! Sartori: wohoo! Ladywulfe: hehe Ladywulfe: What vampire do you least like? Ladywulfe: or Sartori: hmm… tough one… Crazyinblack, because she sucks… Archangel, he’s a dweeb and Tarwedge, because he’s funnier than me Sartori: «disclaimer» one of the above i really do like Ladywulfe: Oh heck! We cant have a wittier comedian then ourselves.. that would almost deserve a duel Sartori: laughs Ladywulfe: heh heh Sartori: hmm… Tar’s a dangerous duelist though, he has the “i have no care whatsoever for my own safety” kind of thought pattern lol Ladywulfe: Gads! Ladywulfe: alot like Lucius Ladywulfe: Who do you think is the bravest warrior in RBC? Sartori: bravest “warrior” hmm… i’d say the bravest “person” would have been gazingdarkness… he took on anyone, and didnt care who you were at all. Bravest “warrior” i dunno, i tried to organise a live fight against the main of the SC, can i say me? lol Ladywulfe: LOL, sure! Sartori: Ladywulfe: I’ve heard you’ll take on anyone yourself? Sartori: nah, i take that back, someone who doesnt rest cant be classed as a warrior these days, only reason i take on anyone is cuz i dont care about the blood i lose, just the damage i inflict Sartori: which reminds me, i need a duel with AQelDroma at some point Ladywulfe: Ohh dear.. can I announce that you will challenge her? Sartori: she already knows Ladywulfe: hahaha Ladywulfe: ok so then its announced! Sartori: laughs Sartori: ohh yeah, now it’s public… well, soon it will be… Sartori: giggles Ladywulfe: yes very soon! Ladywulfe: ok..Who do you consider to be a most cowardly vampire? Sartori: at the moment? pick any of the AAs, acting tough, saying they’ll kick anyones ass, and then staying pink, quizzing, and attacking with clones, shits on everything i stand against Ladywulfe: I know I shouldn’t say this ..since this will be posted… but I agree. Sartori: it really irks me seeing people blatantly abusing neutrality like that, i mean, how can someone be evil and hold neutrality? and then infesting themselves with black blood, fuckers Sartori: i mean… people..of badness Ladywulfe: LOL, you can say fuckers Ladywulfe: Whats the worse thing you have ever seen a vampire do to cause their own ruin? Sartori: lie… lies and deceit… for me, everything and almost everyone i’ve ever lost it’s been because i was hiding something or decieving them in some way for my own gain, or for the gain of others around me Ladywulfe: Ever seen a personal friend hang themsleves Sartori: cant say I have to be honest Ladywulfe: ok well good… Ladywulfe: What is the worst thing you feel you have done? or Best? Sartori: worst thing as in bad? as in, “eew, thats just plain horrible?” Ladywulfe: yea Ladywulfe: whatever you think it Sartori: hmm…. one of two things i really regret, first was lying to Bell… i loved her, i really did, and i used to to get petty revenge on a crime she didnt even commit… and the second, early January i discovered that someone was cheating on their other half, who’s a good friend of mine, i blackmailed the treacherous git for my silence on the matter, which, was something i only recently made right Ladywulfe: Well, Sartori.. I am not one to judge. Sartori: judge away Sartori: its other people’s judgment in the past that keeps me on the good(ish) side now lol Ladywulfe: Nope You deal with in unlife what unlife throws at you! Ladywulfe: hee hee Ladywulfe: what do you feel you are best known for ? Sartori: dunno, different people have seen different sides of me and associate that with me, but from what i’ve seen, most people who dont know me personally seem to know me for when i was a Capadocian spy Ladywulfe: well what I see is a person who is brutally honest ..even about himself and an incredible sense of humor Sartori: hahahaha, well honesty is something i hold dear these days… i’ve lost alot because of lies and deciet in the past, and as of new year, i’ve turned over a new leaf lol Ladywulfe: Very cool! Ladywulfe: If a vampire was looking to talk to you, where do you reside most? Sartori: these days, the RBC halls or my duel school lol Ladywulfe: Ok cool, have you told the city about your duel school? Sartori: ish, i’ve kept it quiet… ish… theres only 15 or so of us there, and rather select, so why open it up to the public if the public cant access it anyway? lol Sartori: besides, there arn’t many people as obsessed with dueling as we are Ladywulfe: lol! Ladywulfe: I thought I would let you plug it here! Ladywulfe: Do you have a motto to live by, or a favorite metaphor? Sartori: There is no good, there is no bad, just perspective and opinion Ladywulfe: awesome! Ladywulfe: Is there anything you would like to tell about yourself that I did not ask you, and you feel would be important/ special to know about you? Sartori: by this summer i aim to be known as the city’s number 1 duelist… i have a list of people to challenge so far, people who are seen as those “with power” I know only a few will accept, most people suck these days, and are blood obsessed, they think it’s some life governing force or something snickers Ladywulfe: To have max Bp! Well I am working to have a set amount and make sure no one disallows me that much lol Ladywulfe: well know we are wrapping up… Sartori: how much is that amount outta curiosity? Ladywulfe: Im almost 13k Sartori: y’know, after you pass 11k blood it’s more effective (blood-wise) to rob, rather than bite Ladywulfe: and I am getting friendly with weapons Sartori: ohh yeah, gotta be friendly with teh weapons Ladywulfe: its my clan demand Sartori: clan demands a waste of ap? Sartori: as long as you can pull 2500 coins or more a day, its better to rob rather than bite Sartori: cuz blood that high is just too easy to take Ladywulfe: Well we see it as being powerful, so when and if we are attacked ..since vampires like to attck takes longer to be taken down Sartori: “when” you are attacked? you do you think will be hitting you? lol Ladywulfe: But I see you way and I love robbing! Ladywulfe: yes… we are SIE.. haven’t you seen us in the news lately LOL Sartori: at 13k blood it takes around 80 people to 0 you…. do you think that anyone can gather 80 people into one attack to 0 you? lol Sartori: the blood is too easily taken at higher levels to warrent having it over coins (unless you clone stupidly and dont need to rob ) Sartori: Ladywulfe: No! True.. but arent there vamps that love to form alliances and take one down? Ladywulfe: lol Ladywulfe: How was my interview? Could I improve in any way? Sartori: i think you did great hun, first “interview” i’ve ever had Sartori: am just thanking god you didnt go all formal and stuff Sartori: i hate people who are all formal… shivers am a realy informal person lol Ladywulfe: well I wanted to make it entertaining and primarily for YOU Ladywulfe: a chance for you to say what you really want Sartori: awwww Sartori: cute Ladywulfe: hehe he!! Ladywulfe: Thats me! Ladywulfe: Now just for the record…May I use our conversation for future reportings? Sartori: yeah sure, i dont think i’ve said anything incriminating that people dont know already :: Sartori: even Ladywulfe: LOL Ladywulfe: Well then this is the end of the interview. Sartori: twirls Sartori: twas fun! Ladywulfe: Thank you Sartori! I feel I know you alot better and I enjoyed myself tremendously!



grins Yes, I remember - the assassins with a conscience. Took so long waiting for the Splinters to finish arguing amongst themselves about my status, Mav got bored and finished the job herself. I am sure she relishes the memory.

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…Vrathe went lost in shadows, never to return, a long time ago, so I don’t think he’s reading this now.

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mmmmmHmmmmm, I’d have to say that I do relish it. I might also throw in here that Sartori’s version of the way things happened is always colorful and interesting.


The INTERVIEWER’s statement regarding her (non-warring) COUGH clan’s DEMAND on ‘getting friendly’ COUGH with weapons. Oh, and “THEIR” take on the all-powerful high BP. LMAO! Now that I think about it, I retract my complaint about the use of the Q&A in this medium. Ladywulfe does a FINE job, so keep it coming, LW!! We want to hear more, so much more!!


… but I always thought that SIE says they are one of those “we won’t start a fight, but we’ll finish it” clans… shrugs Which would generally mean they need to have/know how to use weapons in defense of themselves… and all…

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I agree - I have had similar issues raised before. To the best of my knowledge, SIE avoid starting wars but are NOT non-warring. They are quite happy to kick seven shades of shit out of their enemies where possible.


Well, at least he is consistent :D even if his story is a little far fetched.


ME: and did you see in sartori’s interview he said you were NICE to people back in the days when he stole your emerald robe?

shikon: lol nope

ME: he did!

shikon: just goes to show you how delusional he is

I think that covers it.